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CAME asks Caputo that SMEs not pay the increase in AFIP rates

These rates that the organization will charge reach up to 17% monthly and start on February 1, with a bimonthly update system.

Through Resolution 3/2024, the Ministry of Economy of the Nation intends prevent delinquent taxpayers from financing their activities through non-compliance with taxeswhich proceeds to reestablish an automatic update scheme.

The word of Alfredo González, the president of CAME

The president of the CAME, Alfredo Gonzalezstated that ”at the time of the tax due date, the SME sees whether or not it has the funds to face the payment. If you do not have them, the only solution is to go into default with the collection agency.“.

CAME argues that the premise “is erroneous when it comes to MSMEs. To finance themselves, large companies make a comparison between the rate charged by AFIP and bank rates. This modality is not exercised by SMEs, because They do not have the possibility of having quick and simple access to bank credit“.

In accordance with what is established by the AFIP, starting in February The monthly compensatory interest rate will be equivalent to 1.3 times the effective monthly active rate of overdrafts in the current account of the Banco de la Nación..

Therefore, it means that increases the current rate from 5.91% to 15.27% and the monthly penalty interest rate, in force in each two-month period, will be equivalent to 1.5 times the effective monthly current account overdraft rate, which produces an increase in the current rate from 7.37% to 17.62%. .

CAME spoke out against the CGT strike: “Our SMEs need to work”

The Argentine Confederation of Medium Enterprises had spoken out against the CGT strike last Wednesday, January 24since, according to the business confederation, it would imply a day without production and without commercial activity that would lead to a ”major” economic loss for the country.

“Our SMEs need to work, since without work there is no income,” declared Alfredo González, president of CAME. And in addition, he also added that ”every month we must face the fixed expenses of our businesses. SMEs are the main generators of registered employment.”

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