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I’m going to leave them without money, I’m going to melt them all

Within the framework of the debate on the omnibus law, the president redoubled the bet of his Minister of Economy and reiterated the threat.

Argentine politics faces a moment of total tension for the debate of the omnibus law and the mega DNU by Javier Milei. In this context, the President he redoubled the bet of his Minister of Economy and reiterated a threatens the governors provincial: “I’m going to leave you without money“I’m going to melt them all.”

President Milei reviewed this Thursday, together with his main collaborators from the national cabinetl, the opinion of the omnibus law, which will be discussed in the Chamber of Deputies next week and which contains a variety of projects to deregulate aspects of the economy. At the meetingmade progress in defining the strategies to obtain the approval of the law and transcended a very harsh position with the governors.

“I’m going to leave you without money, I’m going to melt you all down”the President told his ministers as revealed by the Clarín newspaper and, as the Noticias Argentinas agency learned, Milei decided to go all out and told his collaborators that they must make it clear that “If the law is not approved, the provinces will be the most affected.”

The provincial leader stated that “It is distressing that the central government is trying to break a decision” and considered that Caputo’s announcement is directed at Santa Fe.

“I think so, It speaks to us because we were the main government that confronted an issue that we understood was unfair for the province. of Santa Fe and are the withholdings on agricultural exports and the taxes on industrial exports,” Pullaro warned.

Caputo’s threat: he defined what funds he will cut to the provinces if they do not support the omnibus law

Within the framework of the debate over the omnibus law, the Minister of Economy, Luis Caputo, published on his social network

“I met with him Secretary of the Treasury and the Undersecretary of the Provinces to outline all the provincial items that will be cut immediately if any of the economic articles are rejected,” says Caputo. He clarifies, however, that “it is not a threat,” but only confirmation that “we are going to comply with the mandate that the majority of Argentines has given us to balance fiscal accounts”.

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