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Maximiliano Pullaro responded to Luis Caputo’s threat: It distresses me

The provincial leader stated that “It is distressing that the central government is trying to break a decision” and considered that Caputo’s announcement is directed at Santa Fe.

“I think so, It speaks to us because we were the main government that confronted an issue that we understood was unfair for the province. of Santa Fe and are the withholdings on agricultural exports and the taxes on industrial exports,” Pullaro warned.

“Santa Fe is industry and countryside,” Pullaro said. Within that parameter, for the Santa Fe governor, any decision that goes in a direction contrary to those principles is destined “to break the social contract of defending the province.”

Pullaro league of governors.jpeg

Pullaro defended the interests of Santa Fe against the threat of Caputo.

Ignacio Petunchi

Pullaro on Caputo’s threat: “It distresses me”

“So, the truth is that your threat distresses me, but I am never going to side with the central government because they try to subordinate us with their wallets.. We are going to defend the production of the province of Santa Fe and if Caputo thinks that way, we are going to work to make him understand that it is a mistake to increase withholdings on the countryside and the industry,” he stressed. For Pullaro, with measures of that type , what will be achieved “is that jobs will be lost and economic growth in the interior of Argentina will be affected.”

That from Buenos Aires they look much more inward. The interior is working people who make an effort every day. We do not live off of sharing. That’s Santa Fe,” he concluded.


Luis Caputo threatened the provincial governors in the event of a possible rejection of the omnibus law.

Luis Caputo threatened the provincial governors in the event of a possible rejection of the omnibus law.


Caputo’s threat: he defined what funds he will cut to the provinces if they do not support the omnibus law

Within the framework of the debate over the omnibus law, the Minister of Economy, Luis Caputo, published on his social network

“I met with him Secretary of the Treasury and the Undersecretary of the Provinces to outline all the provincial items that will be cut immediately if any of the economic articles are rejected,” says Caputo. He clarifies, however, that “it is not a threat,” but only confirmation that “we are going to comply with the mandate that the majority of Argentines has given us to balance fiscal accounts”.

Caputo’s message is not the first that the Government gives to the provinces as a way of “pressing” them to support the omnibus law. A few days ago, the Government spokesperson, Manuel Adorniannounced that the Central Bank (BCRA) will limit the financing capacity of governors by provincial banks.

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