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support for the omnibus law and the DNU, but complaints against withholdings

The Minister of Economy received representatives of business chambers who supported the initiatives but with questions from the agricultural sector.


The Minister of Economy, Luis Caputoand the Secretary of Communication and Press, Eduardo Serenellini, received this Thursday in Pink House to businessmen from different sectors to analyze the omnibus law and the mega DNU promoted by the Government. From them they obtained back about those initiatives, although there were questions to the decision to go up withholdings to agriculture.

In general, businessmen were in favor of the two initiatives to deregulate the economy, but those linked to the agricultural sector They expressed their disagreement with the increase in withholdings. “The central objective of zero deficit continues to prevail in the Government. Once that is achieved, They undertook to resolve other issueslike withholdings,” said one of the businessmen as he left the government headquarters.

Also participating in the meeting were the Secretary of Planning and Management for Productive Development and the Bioeconomy, Juan Pazo; the Secretary of Labor, Omar Yasin; and the head of the Transitional Unit for the Deregulation of the Economy, Federico Sturzenegger.

On the business side, authorities from the Argentine Confederation of Medium Enterprises (CAME); the Argentine Chamber of Commerce and Services (CAC); the Association of Argentine Broadcasters (ATA); the Agricultural Intercooperative Confederation (CONINAGRO); the Argentine Rural Society (MRS); the Argentine Industrial Union (UIA); the Chamber of the Argentine Software Industry (CESSI); the Argentine Agrarian Federation. President (FAA); the Argentine Rural Confederation (AVE); the Association of Argentine Private Radio Broadcasters (HARP); and the Association of Argentine Journalistic Entities (ADEPA).

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