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Repercussions after the departure of Guillermo Ferrado from the Cabinet

Milei fired the Prime Minister from his Cabinet: the repercussions

The first political reference in reacting quickly to this news was Leandro Santorodeputy of Unión por la Patria, who questioned the President’s decision and warned about the Government’s ways.

“They fire a Minister for a leak to the press without denying the content of the threat!! Which confirms that “melting the provinces” It’s not bravado to put pressure on.…but a real objective of the government!” Santoro noted on his X account (formerly Twitter).

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Although no official from the ruling party spoke publicly on the issue, the official himself Javier Milei “liked” a publication on the social networkwhich celebrated the move to the Ministry of Infrastructure under the argument “there is no money.”

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For its part, Oscar Zago, head of the La Libertad Avanza bloc of deputiesreferred to the situation in a television interview and assured: “You are giving me the news“.

“I had an excellent relationship with Minister Ferraro, he is a person who comes from politics and I had a very good understanding with him. But well, I have not confirmed the news.”

When asked how he takes this news, Zago expressed: “It would surprise me, He is a person with whom I have a very good relationship and He is someone very valuable. I don’t know what the reasons could be,” he said in dialogue with IP Noticias.

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