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After giving in with the omnibus law, the Government warns that if there is less income, there will have to be fewer expenses

In radio statements, the official of the Government of La Libertad Avanza (LLA) denied a defeat of the ruling party in the legislative sphere:

“The withdrawal of the fiscal chapter of the Law is not a defeat for the government. There are more important chapters within the project. At one point we understood that if that chapter came out it was going to be gibberish. So, the president and the Minister of Economy preferred to remove this chapter that was less important from the law and move forward with the chapters that are more important, which is the structural part of the change that we intend for Argentina.

This Friday, the government decided to go back on the changes proposed within the omnibus law: Luis Caputo, Through an official announcement, he confirmed that “we have decided to withdraw the fiscal chapter of the Bases Law in order to facilitate and accelerate its approval.” “We are providing legislators and governors with the most important part of the law,” he added.


Guillermo Francos at Casa Rosada.


Francos: “If there is less income, we will have to have less expenses”

Although he agreed with the elimination of the tax chapter of the law, the Minister of the Interior warned of a greater cut “if there is less income“.

“The deficit is going to be zero, if there is less income, there will be less expenses. Caputo has to cut expenses everywhere. One has to balance expenses and resources. There was a proposed path of temporarily increasing resources in this way that generated resistance in Congress, clearly then you have to balance on the expenses side“, he pointed.

In that sense, he clarified that a deepening of the tax cut would not necessarily imply an adjustment to the provinces: “Now, That does not mean that only the provinces will have to make their adjustments.. The nation is going to continue doing what it is doing. The provinces too. “I have spoken with the governor of Córdoba, Santa Fe, Salta and with several governors, all of them are adjusting their economies because there are many states that have multiplied their expenses in a way that is unbearable for Argentines.”

governors and Guillermo Francos.jpeg

Guillermo Francos assures that "never lost" contact with the governors. 

Guillermo Francos assures that he “never lost” contact with the governors.

The omnibus law and the powers delegated to the Executive

The La Libertad Avanza (LLA) official also clarified that the Government will not impose the fiscal package eliminated from the omnibus law in case of obtaining powers legislative.

Asked about the powers delegated to the President that are contemplated in the project, Francos assured that this is a prerogative that “all” heads of state have had to be able to “act quickly on economic issues.”

“I’m not saying that they delegate all the legislative powers to us, but some that act on emergencies and give signals to allow the country’s economy to operate is the most reasonable thing to do,” Francos considered.

In addition, he highlighted the effort made by the national government and some provinces to “rationalize public management expenses” and “rationalize the economy” given that, he said, the economic crisis and inflation are being “corrected day by day.” is beginning to straighten out” after the sharp rise in prices that was recorded in recent weeks.

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