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the repercussions after Luis Caputo’s announcement

Luis Caputo led a press conference this Friday, where he pointed to modifications in the package of measures that the Government presented in Deputies. The owner of the Ministry of Economywhich was in the news last week for its crosses with deputies and governors over the omnibus lawhad his second meeting with the press so far this month in Pink House.

In this conference, he referred to one of the most disputed topics of the omnibus law: “There’s a tax chapter that we had included in the law with the objective of reaching our commitment to society to balance our fiscal accounts and reach the zero deficit“. In this framework, the minister considered that “we have had a clear consensus of what we believe is the most important part of the law, which are these more than 500 articles that come to lay the foundations for growth and there has been a certain dissent, as everyone knows, in what is the economic chapter“.

He then assured that “we have listened to everyone and share a good part of those complaints,” but clarified that “what In no way do we want something that is necessary and urgent to be delayed due to this fiscal chapter.which is what we really want to show the world, because everyone is watching.” That is why Luis Caputo confirmed that “we have decided to withdraw the fiscal chapter of the Bases Law in order to facilitate and accelerate its approval.” “We are providing legislators and governors with the most important part of the law,” he added.

It is a decision that we have made by listening to the different economic order to facilitate and accelerate the approval of what we consider the structural and most important part of the law,” the minister concluded.

The reactions after Luis Caputo’s announcement

Caputo’s announcement made through a press conference on Friday left several reactions in the world of politics, after eliminating the fiscal chapter of the omnibus law, including the much discussed points of retirement reform and the return of profits.

The president of CIARA CEC, Gustavo Idigoras, was in favor of Minister Caputo’s decision. ”As an export industry We appreciate the enormous effort that the government is making and the ability they have had to review this measure, which clearly had a high level of rejection from all export sectors and also from many provinces and legislators.”

”We believe that this is the right path, and we must work to support the government to advance an economic plan that allows growth with strong export development, From CIARA CEC we congratulate the government for this review of the measure”, he concluded.

Ignacio Torres, governor of Chubut, was also happy with the decision. ”I celebrate Luis Caputo’s decision. We are available for a frank dialogue with the National Executive Branch and reach agreements that reflect good sense and that build for the long term,” on the X social network.

For his part, the Director of the Federal Consensus Institute, Alejandro ”Topo” Rodríguezpublished on the social network government acknowledged its parliamentary defeat.

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Leandro Santoroformer candidate for head of government of the Buenos aires city, also published a message on their networks, explaining their vision of the government’s plan: ”they withdrew the fiscal part because they did not want to negotiate a balancing project with their allies. It is clear that now they are going for three things. Delegated powers, flexibility to take on debt and privatizations (FGS)”. And he warned, ”we have to keep an eye on it here. Especially on point one.”

The national representative for the Left Front, Myriam Bregman, ironically: ”The delegated powers remain. Monkey with knife”.

Luis Caputo does not renounce dollarization: “When the conditions are given”

The Minister of Economy, Luis Caputo, during his last press conference said that dollarization “is a goal of this Government and it will be done when the conditions are right.”

After the sayings of president Javier Milei who assured that “We are very close to being able to dollarize”his Minister of Economy Luis Caputo ratified this monetary policy by maintaining that: “It is a goal of this Government and it will be done when the conditions are right.” This happened during a press conference held at the Casa Rosada in which the official announced that the fiscal chapter of the omnibus law is being withdrawn to “facilitate and accelerate” the approval of the rest.

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