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They confirm the resignation of Guillermo Ferraro for personal reasons

The Minister of Infrastructure, Guillermo Ferrarowill present his resignation in the coming days “for personal reasons”. This was announced by the Office of the President of the Argentine Republic Javier Milei, through a statement released on social networks. The early announcement that the official will resign emphasizes the doubts surrounding the reason for his dismissal.

“In the coming days, the Minister of Infrastructure Guillermo Ferraro will present his resignation for personal reasons”reported the Office of the President of the Argentine Republic on its X account (former Twitter), after Milei decided to make his first cabinet changeless than two months after taking office.


He President asked him to resign to the head of the Infrastructure portfolio, who is responsible for “filter” information. After the meeting of cabinet On Thursday, it emerged that the president was displeased with the behavior of the governors whom he directed a strong threat: “I’m going to leave you without money, I’m going to melt you all down.”

The last known appearance of Guillermo Ferraro had been in the Chamber of Deputies for defend the omnibus law as it affects their areas. In that instance the official had promised that “during 2024 we are going to finish all the works that are in progressprioritizing those that are most advanced”, considering that there are “more than 2,500 works that were paralyzed due to lack of payment.”

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Resignation of Guillermo Ferraro: what will happen to the Ministry of Infrastructure

In the same statement from the Office of the President of the Argentine Republic Javier Milei It is detailed that “advance will be made in the original plan of merge the Infrastructure area within the Ministry of Economy. This measure will generate greater consistency in the economic policy of the National Government, and will allow us to continue adapting the budget to the current crisis context.

Finally, the document reminds that “The provision of 8 ministries that President Javier Milei had planned during the electoral campaign.” However, the official account of the Executive does not clarify that the current president had always indicated the need for a Ministry of Infrastructure but that, a week before taking office, he defined that the portfolio of Health has ministerial hierarchy and is not integrated into the orbit of Human capitalas was his original organizational chart. That was the reason why during this first month of management he temporarily had 9 ministries.

During the press conference held last Friday, the Minister of Economy Luis Caputo confirmed the news. “I am going to take over the infrastructure area,” said the official, who will be in charge of the ministries of transportation, public works, energy, mining and communications.

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Who is Guillermo Ferraro

Guillermo Ferraro, businessman and former leader of Cambiemos, assumed his position as Minister of Infrastructure after a career as a specialist in financial advice and business structuring linked to large infrastructure projects and process reengineering in the public sector.

Former member of the government of Mauricio Macri as part of the administration of the City of Buenos AiresFerraro was an executive and served for 13 years as Director of KPMG Argentina, a multinational that provides Audit, Tax and Consulting services in more than 150 countries. There he led the advice on projects such as the Aconcagua Railway Tunnel, the Chihuido Hydroelectric Power Plant and the restructuring of Human Resources of the city of Buenos Aires, among others.

Prior to joining KPMG, he served as Director and President of companies in the service sector and banking entities. He also served as Undersecretary of Industry of the Nation between 2002 and 2003as well as part of the administration of the City of Buenos Aires during the administration of Mauricio Macri.

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