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Alberto Fernández reappeared and defended the president of Colombia after Javier Milei’s statements

Former president Alberto Fernández defended the president of Colombia, Gustavo Petro, after the comments of the Argentine president Javier Milei, which he described as “inadmissible offense.” From social networks, the former head of state repudiated the statements and stressed that “Colombia and Argentina are countries that have always been twinned with other peoples of this Great Homeland that is Latin America.”

From the official account of the social network

This led to an immediate response from the Colombian government, which called the ambassador in Argentina for consultations and opened a new front of tension for the Government in its diplomatic relations, added to other similar episodes such as those in Brazil and China.

The ex-president Alberto Fernandez He reappeared this Sunday on social networks to support Petro and criticize Milei’s position.

“Any disqualification of the other is inadmissible,” he said. Fernandez on the social network X (exTwitter) and added: “I make public my recognition and solidarity with my dear friend, current President of the Republic of Colombia.” The message includes a photo in which both leaders are seen hugging, during one of the last meetings.


Colombia’s response to Javier Milei’s statements against Gustavo Petro

From the Colombian Foreign Ministry they quickly responded by expressing “their most energetic protest against the disrespectful and irresponsible statements of the President of the Argentine Republic, Mr. Javier Mileiagainst President Gustavo Petroin the development of an interview with journalist Ángela Patricia Janiot, in the program ‘What happened to what happened?’, broadcast on January 25.”

“The government of Colombia strongly rejects this declaration, which attacks the honor of the first president, who has been elected in a democratic and legitimate manner”the document noted.

Now, the former Argentine president joined the demonstrations in support of the Colombian, stating: “I deeply regret the inadmissible insult to which the president of the Republic of Colombia has been subjected. His commitment to his people and his eternal struggle to strengthen Latin American unity make him a leader of enormous value who deserves our respect”.

Then, Fernández concluded in his X thread: “Out of respect for the will of the Colombian people who elected a leader of the stature of @petrogustavo to govern them, I make public my recognition and solidarity with my dear friend, current President of the Republic of Colombia,” he indicated.

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