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Javier Milei: There is no plan B

President Javier Milei He said that in the Government he spoke about the progress of his Government, almost 50 days into his administration, where he highlighted that they are “surprised by the speed” with which results are being “achieved” due to the measures implemented. Waiting for the debate in Deputies for the omnibus lawthe president insisted that “there is no plan B to do things right.”

In an interview given to the American newspaper The Wall Street Journal, published this Sunday, Milei left several political definitions and ratified the guidelines of the Government’s economic policy on the decline in inflation, dollarization and privatizations. On the other hand, he also spoke about the external diplomatic front, the relationship with China after being refused entry to the BRICS and the Malvinas issue after the meeting with the chancellor of the United KingdomDavid Cameron, in Davos.

Javier Milei spoke about the progress of the Government

The President stressed again that citizens will face difficult times economically, until the Government’s plan achieves results to stabilize the situation.

Asked when people will see the first fruitful signs of economic policies, Javier Milei said: “Understand that this process can last about two years and it is true that there is a warning light that says it is difficult to endure more than a year.”

In this sense, the President highlighted the positive results that the Government achieved in terms of inflation in these almost 50 days of administration: “The truth is that when we begin to see the way in which the data is running and how inflation is moving, we ourselves are surprised by the speed with which we are achieving results”he claimed.

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However, Milei He pointed out what elements are needed to complete the economic plan and move forward with better results. “It is true that we would need investments because one of the things that happens is that, when you make a fiscal adjustment, you increase savings. If that saving does not have a counterpart investment, there is a fall in economic activity, a fall in employment and the fall in real wages”he explained in the note published today.

Meanwhile, as to whether he had “a plan B” in the government plan, in moments of tension due to the omnibus law, which forced the ruling party to give in to the requests of governors and opposition blocs, Milei was sincere: “There is no plan B, there is no plan B to do things well. You do things well or you do them well. Because if plan B is to do things more or less or negotiate… that is the story from Argentina, this is how we are”he warned.

Javier Milei’s external front: China, the United Kingdom, the Malvinas and Israel

Regarding his statements about ChinaMilei said: “It is true that I am not going to be allied with the communists, it is true that we reject being part of the BRICS. But we have always maintained that the trade issue should not be affected, because it is basically a private decision”.

“Now, it is true that I do not consider it to be our strategic partner. But we must separate the geopolitical issue from our commercial issue,” he said.

And he immediately exemplified: “We may have a difference with the United Kingdom regarding the Falkland Islands. However, that does not make it impossible for us to have a set of adult trade relations”.

In this context and when asked if he had discussed the Malvinas issue with the British Foreign Minister, David Cameron, during his participation in the Davos Forum, Milei stated: “We have decided to have an adult relationship in which we can precisely participate and work together on the international agenda and start having a talk about our territorial difference.”.

Finally, the President ratified its support for Israel in the context of the war with Hamas: “I have a clear position on this matter. We have decided to condemn the terrorist acts of the Hamas group, we have decided to stand in solidarity with Israel and its inhabitants, regardless of their nationality.”

“We consider that Israel has a right in terms of self-defense given the terrorist aggression it has received,” he said, and closed: “Our policy is designed from a moral perspective.”

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