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summit of governors of Together for Change to define their position

The videoconference was attended by Alfredo Cornejo (Mendoza), Maximiliano Pullaro (Santa Fe), Ignacio Torres (Chubut), Rogelio Frigerio (Between rivers), Marcelo Orrego (San Juan), Jorge Macri (CABA), Claudio Poggi (Saint Louis) and Gustavo Valdes (Currents). Although they were waiting for Saturday night to have contact with a representative of the ruling party, they advanced in a common position where resistance and intentions to generate modifications on issues that they have already insisted on survive: exceptional powers, privatizations, fisheries reformthe modification of the Hydrocarbons Law and the financing of culture.

Furthermore, they echoed the remote-controlled statement of Caputo – which Milei further empowered by leaving the Ministry of Infrastructure in the conference: ““We are evaluating measures that imply greater adjustment for everyone.” In the removed fiscal chapter, the recomposition of the Income tax, the main source of co-participation, was included. Without alternatives to this financing, the leaders aim to distribute a percentage of the collection from the PAIS tax, which will govern practically all of 2024.

Omnibus law: governors of Together for Change weave alliances

After the internal videoconference, the leaders of Together for Change They opened several lines of communication to continue laying foundations and certainties about the Legislative scenario that opens next week. This is how they began contact with all the heads of blocks of Deputies: Rodrigo de Loredo (UCR), Cristian Ritondo (PRO), Miguel Ángel Pichetto (We Make Federal Coalition) and Pamela Calletti (Federal Innovation).

The importance of these four blocks is transcendental for the ruling party, which organically has 38 deputies, to achieve approval: among the four opposition parties considered dialogue-oriented They add up to 103 votes of the 129 needed to reach the majority.

Simultaneously, on an intense Saturday of negotiations led by the opposition, Rogelio Frigerio and Ignacio Torres -two references within the governors of Together for Change– They summoned a group of six leaders for a parallel meeting: Martin Llaryora (Cordova), Hugo Passalacqua (Missions) and Gustavo Saenz (Jump), Osvaldo Jaldo (Tucumán), Rolando Figueroa (Neuquén) and Alberto Weretilneck (Black river). His support can be decisive in another instance: the Senate of the Nation, where Union for the Homeland He has a solid stance.

Omnibus law: some governors have already expressed themselves

The reluctance to accompany – or, to make public the support – of the governors of Together for the Change to the omnibus law was modified after the press conference of Luis Caputo. Minutes later, Rogelio Frigerio posted on his social networks: “We decided to support the opinion of the Bases Law which the President sent to Parliament. (…) It will end up being, without a doubt, one of the most important laws in the history of our democracy“.

Even before the Minister of Economy speaks out, Gustavo Valdes had already established a position: “There are a couple of issues left to correct, but We are going to vote on the law proposed by President Javier Milei”. In radio statements, he relativized the scope of the warnings of Caputo and from the President himself towards the provincial funds: “No government can do more than what Kirchnerism did to us.”

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He was more cautious Ignacio Torreswho wrote on his social network account

On the other hand, and although it is not part of the alliance of Together for Change, Martin Llaryora longed that “there is sanction of a lawbut that it has important points for Argentina.” In that sense, he remarked: “Let them tell me about the construction of that stage of dialogue in Argentina“. Although he guaranteed his support, in statements to Futurock he asked “stop taking hasty measures” and restrict exceptional powers because “there are too many that have been requested.”

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