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UP Buenos Aires rearranges itself as opposition against Jorge Macri

The Buenos Aires bloc of Unión por la Patria (UP) now maintains that the issues detailed in the so-called omnibus law, already mutilated by the Government itself, affect the interests of the residents of the City of Buenos Aires and ask that Jorge Macri defend them as do governors in different provinces.

UP is preparing to be the main opposition bloc in the Buenos Aires area, where the ruling party lost its own quorum after the elections, with which the Head of Government will be forced to negotiate with the deputies of Freedom Advanceswhich increased their seats to 9, while the ruling party, if it continues to operate with the mechanics of Together for Change (seal disappeared), has 30 seats adding to all related political portions (PRO, UCR, Civic Coalition, Public Trust and Republicans), which represents just half of the plenary session. That is, he is missing one vote.

In any case, the Buenos Aires legislator explained the opposition strategy of Peronism, Claudia Neira (NEP). “The national government proposes a freedom that simply consists of leaving citizens free to those who have more power. One sees that there are voices of all the governors defending the interests of their provinces, but that there is an absent voice that is the voice of Jorge Macri. He has to lead the discussion,” said the Buenos Aires legislator from UP, who has as a reference in the bloc Matías Lammens, former Minister of Tourism and Sports of Alberto Fernández.

For Neira there is an intention to establish “an absolute free market political system” which collides with the local Constitution, which establishes that economic activity in the district “must be based on social justice and the development of the person” and considers that the defense of the rights of users and consumers would be “free to the will and power” of concentrated groups, especially in the case of prepaid companies, the banking or pharmaceutical sectors.

“Rent was also questioned, raising two issues: today it is allowed to be fixed in any currency and there is no minimum term. At the same time, the temporary rental law is repealed, which also conflicts with our constitution,” said the deputy.

Neira also recalled that CABA has State companies such as Buenos Aires Subways (Sbase), Banco Ciudad, Corporación Antiguo Puerto Madero and Autopistas Urbanas Sociedad Anónima (Ausa)among others, whose continuity would be jeopardized if the same criteria as at the national level were applied.

Defense of Culture

“In the Bases law there is an axis that cannot escape CABA, which is culture. It is the City in the world with the most theaters, with the largest independent theater, where there are filmmakers, artists, bookstores and a huge movement. The law tells us hits and there is not a single voice from the city defending it,” he remarked.

The Buenos Aires legislators of the UP bloc had presented a declaration of “unconstitutionality” and a precautionary measure against the DNU, warning that “the full validity of the National Constitution, the division of powers, the federal system is endangered and, specifically, it endangers the rights of the people of Buenos Aires, provided for in the Constitution of the City of Buenos Aires”.

Federal Administrative Litigation Judge Enrique Lavié Pico, ten days ago, enabled the judicial fair to deal with that presentation.

Libertarians with bill

The bench of La Libertad Avanza (LLA) He already spoke of an initiative to replicate some proposals of the omnibus law to “build a freer, stronger and safer City for all Buenos Aires residents.”

“We will move forward with a legislative proposal that seeks to reform once and for all the Government of the City of Buenos Aires to reduce public spending, lower taxes and give people who want to work in CABA the best possible conditions and make it once again the most liberal in Latin America,” announced at the time the current legislator of the City and head of the LLA bloc Ramiro Marra. Among the initiatives would be the privatization of local companies such as the City Bank and public media.

“In terms of security, the Law of the Comprehensive Public Security System will be modified to grant police personnel greater freedom in their actions, the modification of personnel promotions to improve the conditions of police service and the acquisition of specific material for the compliance with (security minister) Patricia Bullrich’s anti-picketing protocol,” Marra had proposed in his X account.

For now, the Head of Government has not raised a public position in reference to the proposals of the libertarians in the City of Buenos Aires.

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