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Caputo announced a reduction in the financing rate for payment plans

The Minister of Economy, Luis Caputoannounced this Monday a tax relief for SMEsto the lower the financing rate of the permanent payment facility plans.

According to the communication from the head of the Treasury Palace, the AFIP It was established through General Resolution 5481/24 and was signed this Monday.

After this modification, Starting in February, both micro and small businesses will see the interest rate reduced to 7.63%while the medium will do so at 9.16%.

In a post on the social network “with the objective of protecting the work of small and medium-sized companies, the AFIP established through General Resolution 5481/24 signed today the reduction of the financing rate of permanent plans.”

“Our intention is that in the future the AFIP will stop financing these plans, but we understand that the transition to a country where SMEs can more easily access bank loans will take some time,” added the official.

Days ago, the Ministry of Economy, through Resolution 3/2024, ordered the increase in interest rates for tax debtswhich include amounts owed in tax, customs and pension matters.

In practice, the measure will imply the growth of the compensatory interest rate from 5.91% to 15% monthly, an increase of 250%. As of this Monday’s announcement, MSMEs will pay below that 15% rate.

The topic had been put on the agenda by different business entities, In fact, last week Caputo received business chambers from different sectors at Casa Rosada and they discussed the matter.

On that occasion, the The Argentine Confederation of Medium Enterprises (CAME) had proposed that micro and small businesses be exempt from the increase in compensatory and punitive interest rates. that the Federal Administration of Public Revenues (AFIP) will collect starting February 1 with a bimonthly update system.

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