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Government appealed ruling that declared six articles on labor matters invalid

Through the presentation, the Executive Branch warned about “a Judicial Branch that neglects the urgent needs that the Argentine Republic has today.”

Through a presentation of more than 30 pages, the Executive Branch, through the Ministry of Labor, justified the reasons why last week’s ruling, supported by the presentation of the CGT, should be annulled.

It is a “non-judicial political decision” argued the Government and, therefore, the failure should never have existed. “It is necessary to explain what the risks are of encountering a Judicial Power that neglects the urgent needs that the Argentine Republic has today”, sustains the Government’s appeal.

DNU: the Government appealed the ruling that validated the protection of the CGT in labor matters

Last week, the judge Liliana Rodríguez Fernández partially gave rise to an action for protection of the CGT and declared the invalidity of articles 73 (withholding of union dues); 79 (collective bargaining); 86 (obligation clauses); 87, 88 and 97 (essential services and protest modality).

In another passage from the Executive’s presentation this Monday, the writing states: “The indifference to the understanding of the situation and the placing of particular interests above those of the Nation, puts at risk the very survival of the social, legal and political organization constitutedaffecting its normal development in pursuit of the common good.”

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In that sense, for the Government, “the legal and legitimate exercise of the right to strike has been completely distorted.” For this reason, “the constitutional right to strike has become, in recent decades, a an instance of violence, of disrespect for the rights of others; We would say that it was framed in the abusive exercise of the right,” they noted in the presentation.

“The exercise of this constitutional and supraconstitutional right It cannot be carried out in a violent or abusive manner., that is, with additional measures that overwhelm the rights of other subjects in a way that is unnecessary for the deployment of the strike. Which is ultimately what the DNU regulates,” the document stressed.

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