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negotiations against the clock for Wednesday session

After the deputies received the new version of the project last night, without the fiscal chapter among other axes, today was a busy day in the office of Martin Menemwhere articles continued to be highlighted.

La Libertad Avanza showed setbacks in the drafting of the law, and the PDF loses pages day after day. In addition to the fiscal chapter, fundamentally the axis of withholdings and pension mobility, the delegation of powerswhich the opposition asks to continue limiting. The same happens with privatizations, where the so-called dialogueists seek to keep the Government confined.

Was Nicolas Massotpart of the block We form the Federal Coalition led by Miguel Pichetto who said: “In the proposed privatization system there are still many differences that may require greater modifications.” In addition to questioning the process of the nineties, he indicated that Another point under discussion is the Anses Sustainability Guarantee Fund. He asked that the provinces be allowed to consolidate debts, that the lawsuits of retirees and the untransferred funds of 13 districts be taken into account.

From that space they also entrusted Ambit that this Tuesday, in parallel to the meetings of Parliamentary Workdialogues within the bloc will intensify. “Everyone is waiting for the governors’ meeting to know if there is will. The Government says that it does not accept any more changes and there is disagreement”they explained.

While the representatives of the friendly spaces remained “entrenched” in Menem’s office, as they pointed out, the official call to the session for Wednesday “requested by Oscar Zago”, as expressed in the official letter signed by Tomás Ise Figueroa, Parliamentary Secretary. They expect a debate that can last at least a day and a half continuously.

For his part, the president of the Union for the Homeland bloc, German Martinez, He once again questioned the project for its “obscurantism” and hinted at the possibility of a request for a return to committees, since he insists that the majority opinion was signed by the deputies without knowing the text.


The afternoon meeting at the headquarters of the Federal Investment Council (CFI) It hung by a thread in the face of differences in a league that, despite the tremors after the electoral defeat of Together for Change, not only remained without fissures, but also attracted leaders who were active on the opposite side.

Even, The presence of Osvaldo Jaldo from Tucumán was expected tomorrow, who does not stop joining Peronism despite having removed deputies to an independent bloc after having negotiated with the ruling party on issues linked to the sugar, citrus and biofuels in exchange for endorsements of the law. He finally gave up, people around him said. Yes, the presence of Martin Llaryora, from the combative Central Region that dynamited the retentions, that carves into the –supposed- Cordoban Peronism, with seats in the libertarian government. Also from the missionary Hugo Passalacqua, of the Concord Renewal Frontwho came to contribute the ballot of legislators for Unión por la Patria, hanging on Sergio Massa.

While the Peronist scrum frays, the JxC scrum gained political volume. That’s why, The Minister of the Interior Guillermo Francos arrived at the summit, as did deputies from the dialogue blocs.

“There are no major inconveniences for this Wednesday, the issue is the tax law, for now it is more uncertainty than precision,” they explained to Ámbito from a province Together for Change, where the governors were key to continuing to amputate the project, as announced the Minister of Economy Luis Caputo last Friday.

The distribution Country Tax It sounded like one of the key axes, although many claim that it was a negotiation letter to take to the venue if the fiscal package was discussed. Now, the leaders, threatened with more cuts even though there is nowhere left to cut, will have to make the final push: secure funds to compensate for the drop in co-participation due to the reduction in Profits.

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