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They warn that there are nearly 3,500 unfinished projects

In that scenario, the CAMARCO summoned your Federal Council for next Thursday with the aim of “define lines of action.” The call is given days after Infrastructurewhich among other areas has Public Works under its orbit, was absorbed by the Minister of Economy Luis Caputo after the departure of Guillermo Ferraro.

From the Chamber they warn for “the delicate situation that the construction sector is going through in the country” and they highlight that “the meeting takes place in the midst of a general paralysis of the public workwith about 3,500 unfinished projects throughout the country, which put the activity of the 1,400 companies associates in CAMARCO that employ more than 500,000 workers”.

And they highlighted that “the sector also has a multiplier effect on employment and the general economic activity of more than 140 productive sectors, of great relevance throughout the national territory.”

The Federal Council of the Argentine Chamber of Construction is the highest body of the institution, where more than 1,400 member companies of all sizes are represented. It is also made up of Delegations based throughout the country.

“During the meeting, called in an extraordinary manner due to the seriousness of the situation, The Councilors will present the problems that affect the sectorsuch as the paralysis of public works, the delay in payments, the impact of high inflation and high interest rates,” the text details.

This equation, they say, puts the continuity of many companies at risk, “with the loss not only of capital but also of the productive knowledge that this implies, and the consequent impact on employment.”

“Countless associated companies are in a limit situation “which urgently requires definitions, since the breakdown of the payment chain puts companies on the brink of disappearance in a matter of weeks,” they detailed.

Public works: the vision of the construction sector

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Public works “will continue to be stopped for a long term,” said the head of CAMARCO

Days ago, the president of CAMARCO Gustavo Weiss warned that ““Public works will continue to stop for a long term” and made reference to a crisis “unpublished“due to the spending reduction scheme proposed by the Government.

Public works are practically – if not completely – paralyzed throughout the country. Regardless of the origin of the funds, whether they are national, provincial or municipal, the works are stopped,” highlighted the head of the chamber.

There are everything from large infrastructure works to what is called a curb. Between those that have already been invoiced and the one that is in process, The debt should be in the order of $300,000 million“Weiss added.

Regarding those works that remain paralyzed in the middle of the construction process, Weiss remarked: “The Government wants everything to be concessioned and the works to be done by the private sector, there are works that cannot be done by the private sector because they are not profitable and the State has to undertake them.“.

The situation for construction in relation to private works is also complex. The devaluation December and the acceleration in inflation They increased costs and impacted the sector. Anyway, From the sector they are optimistic about the future.

In the coming months we foresee a complicated scenario. Of adjustment, which includes the entire economy. And we are no exception. Post rearrangement we are optimistic. This Government is carrying out the policies that it has to carry out. As it bears fruit, we are optimistic. This makes many people continue investing,” he told Ámbito days ago. Damián Tabakman, president of the Business Chamber of Urban Developers.

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