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An effort must be made to get the law out

The head of the We Make Federal Coalition bloc proposed supporting the Government’s project despite the differences. He emphasized that “sooner rather than later” a concrete response must be given to the fiscal problem that the governors claimed.

Pichetto, a key piece in the agreements that the Government needs to approve the omnibus law.

Yes ok Pichetto expressed his support, after going back and forth regarding support for the initiative, this Tuesday he stated that he will promote reaching agreements and for the “Bases Law” to obtain half a sanction in Deputiesin the midst of the negotiations against the clock led by the ruling party to advance towards the Senate.

“We must make an effort so that the law is passed and the Government has instruments that the President considers important” Pichetto said this Tuesday in dialogue with Futurock. At the same time, he stressed that he maintains differences with some points and ways in which the Government raised the debate on the omnibus law.

Omnibus Law: Miguel Ángel Pichetto proposed supporting the Government’s project despite differences

“The emergency and the delegations are the central axis of the Law, which all governments had, we must stop being hypocrites” stated the president of the We Make Federal Coalition bloc, which includes key deputies such as Nicolás Massot, Emilio Monzó, among others. .

“It is not understood why they removed the moratorium and the laundering of the omnibus law,” Pichetto questioned today, while adding: “The Government has to sit down with the governors. People live in the provinces. When you talk about removing everything from them you are talking about people who are going to suffer.

Likewise, one of the “dialogue” representatives considered that “sooner rather than later” the Government must give a concrete response to the demands for the governors’ claims in the fiscal and tax chapter.

“Here there is a fundamental problem that the Government is going to have to face. Sooner rather than later there will have to be a new fiscal agreement between the provinces and the Nation,” Pichetto said this morning.

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