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For the Casa Rosada, the governors are rogues

Obstinate in meeting and voting on the omnibus law this Wednesday, the Government closed ranks around the Minister of the Interior, Guillermo Francosand confirmed that he will not participate COUNTRY tax.

In what was the first Cabinet meeting without Guillermo Ferraro (now former Minister of Infrastructure), the head of the Interior portfolio assured his co-workers and the president himself, Javier Mileiwho did not mention the issue in the meeting he held with governors at the Federal Investment Council (CFI), where the fine print of the omnibus law was negotiated.

Sources with an office at Balcarce 50 indicated Ambit that the President ratified that the tax “is not negotiable” and that in any case “it will be discussed later.”

The forces of heaven consulted by this means described the governors as “rogues” and assure that the local leaders embrace a promise that was made to them. Sergio Massaformer presidential candidate, in the run-up to the runoff in exchange for the lowering of the Income Tax.


The Government closed ranks behind the Minister of the Interior, Guillermo Francos.

The truth is that, at this time, two competing versions (that of the Government and that of the governors) muddy the preview of the legislative session called for this Wednesday, and make it difficult to think about how the issue is going to be resolved in the chamber. .

Along these lines, the presidential spokesperson, Manuel Adornireferred to the issue in his usual press conference and said that “what the media raised about the PAIS tax and its possible co-participation was not only not discussed at the meeting but is not under discussion.”

“The President’s office issued a statement clarifying that any discussion related to the law or this legislative process would come later. It is a version that for some mysterious reason reached the media, but is completely false. The issue of sharing the Country Tax was never discussed,” the official said at the end of the ministers’ meeting.



However, on Monday night Francos acknowledged in an interview with Alejandro Fantino that the issue was discussed: “It was a short, but fruitful meeting. They raised two or three points that were still under discussion and I hope we can resolve them tomorrow. One point was the issue of the PAIS tax, another was articles linked to hydrocarbons and the third point was the list of companies subject to privatization.”

Meanwhile, in the Chamber of Deputies the Parliamentary Labor meeting is expected to order tomorrow’s session. That is what the head of the Chamber of Deputies works on, Martin Menemwho holds meetings with the block heads and, unlike previous weeks, this time did not participate in the Cabinet meeting.

Javier Milei, for his part, follows the topic from Casa Rosada, where he arrived minutes before eight with his partner, Fátima Florez.

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