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Nicolás Massot criticized the Government and questioned the session in Deputies

The deputy of Hacemos Coalión Federal referred to the inconsistency of the Government after the negotiation for the PAIS tax: “One more of the disallowances that Francos suffered.”

In radio statements, Massot raised inconsistencies in the actions of the ruling party after the meeting held yesterday by governors and leaders opponents with officials of the Executive in the Federal Investment Council (CFI). “We proposed that the provinces had to share what was collected by the PAIS tax and they told us (the deputy chief of staff, José Rolandi, and the Minister of the Interior, Guillermo Francos) that we send them a letter and we will talk about it tomorrow.” he pointed out.

However, minutes later, from the presidential office he announced that the sharing of the PAIS tax would “be discussed later”, which for Massot constitutes “one more of the disavowals that Francos suffered” as a minister.

“They told us one thing and on Twitter they told us another. The thing about sharing the PAIS tax was something that we had talked about among the 40 people who were in the CFI. We can attest to it. Thus, it is really very difficult to move forward,” he launched.


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Nicolás Massot questions the session on the omnibus law

In this context, the member of the bloc chaired by Miguel Ángel Pichetto questioned the session: “The Government has to change its position, you cannot trash deputies and senators. “There are 24 provinces, they have to sit down and fix everyone’s fiscal balance.”

The We Make Federal Coalition bloc, a space made up of deputies from the Civic Coalition, We Make for Our Country and the Federal Change bloc, is made up of 23 legislators in the Lower House and, in this framework, represents a key space for approval or rejection of the bills.

When will the omnibus law be debated in Congress

While the conversations continue with the most dialogue-oriented blocs that presented dissidence to the project to “order” the treatment of the initiative in the Lower House, the ruling party of the Chamber of Deputies called for the Wednesday at 10 to the special session for the debate of the law “Bases and Principles for the Freedom of Argentines.”

The normative will require at least 30 hours of discussionas officially reported, and the official sector, La Libertad Avanza (LLA) continues in negotiations with the opposition to incorporate greater accessions in the parliamentary debate.

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