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The heads of blocks of Deputies define the axes of the debate in a parliamentary work meeting

The president of the Lower House, Martín Menem, will lead the meeting with the block heads to outline what tomorrow’s session in Congress will be like, scheduled for 10 a.m.

The meeting will take place starting at 7 p.m. One of the axes of the discussion of block heads will be to define whether the special session scheduled for this Wednesday will be held uninterrupted or if intermediate quarters will be agreed depending on the large number of articles contained in the project, as explained by parliamentary sources.

Omnibus Law: Deputies will debate tomorrow the key project in the Government’s aspirations

Deputies called to meet tomorrow, starting at 10in a context in which the ruling party and the dialogue blocs announced that they had reached consensus on the general content of the initiative, although differences still persist around points related to the privatization of public companies, biofuels and fishing, among others.

The parliamentary secretary of the body, Tomas Figueroamade official the summons to a special session requested by the La Libertad Avanza (LLA) bloc, which is estimated to require about 40 hours of debate, in which the majority opinion that has 525 articles will be addressed, although it is now being modified and in the latest version it would be 385.

Meanwhile, in the last few hours, the ruling party continued the talks with the so-called dialogue blocs to finish reaching a consensus on the points on which there are still differences, after the announcement by the Minister of Economy, Luis Caputo, to withdraw from the project the fiscal package that he proposed. increases in withholdings and a new pension adjustment system, among other points.

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Ignacio Petunchi

The agreement with the dialogue blocs is key, since the LLA has 38 legislators and can add about 7 votes from smaller benches, which requires the consensus of other blocs to have a quorum of 129 to enable the session and then a majority to approve the project in general and each of its articles.

Regarding the issue of powers, the Government agreed to limit the public emergency from eleven to seven matters: economic, financial, fiscal, security, tariffs, energy and administrative, although there was still a request from Hacemos and the UCR to eliminate energy , tariffs and security.

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