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The IMF estimates annual inflation of 150% in 2024 for Argentina

The Fund also projects that the CPI will drop to single digits in the coming months. The organization also foresees a 2.8% drop in GDP for the country for the year.

The IMF gave its forecasts for Argentina in 2024.


When asked about Ambit regarding the annual inflation projection, data that does not appear in the update of the World Economic Panorama, Pierre-Olivier Gourinchasdirector of the IMF’s research department, responded: “Monthly inflation is expected to reduce to single digits by the middle of the year.” To add that “so annual inflation would be around 150% at the end of 2024. And it is expected to reduce further.”

In its January review, the IMF changed the sign of the forecast for the country, since it estimated last october a GDP expansion of 2.8% for 2024 that now places it at the same number, but in negative territory. A notable fact is that the organism It forecasts product growth of 5% by 2025.


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