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Unrest in the provinces after the controversy over the COUNTRY tax: There are no interlocutors

This principle of agreement, in which several of the participants of the conclave agree, It was denied hours later by the Casa Rosada, putting in check the agreements reached to advance in the omnibus law and raising tension in the middle of key hours for the future of the project.

The details of the governors’ summit with Guillermo Francos

The rally at the Buenos Aires headquarters of the Federal Investment Council (CFI) had arrived safely. Less than 30 minutes of Francos in the venue were enough for the parties to leave satisfied. Thumbs up, the official got into his truck with smiles. “We are working”, he ventured. The appointment was still going on.

Later, after the summit, a provincial chief came to comment “habemus law”. Everything was rosy at the CFI until a tweet from the President’s Office sparked the conversations again. “The Office of the President reiterates that the PAIS Tax and the rest of the fiscal package, previously included in the Law Bases and Starting Points for the Freedom of Argentines, will be discussed later,” the post said.

That message, added to a retweet from Javier Milei to Joaquín De la Torre, who spoke in finished raising the temperature to the maximum. During these hours, the president’s left click weighs more than the word of any official.

CFI Governors.jpg

Governors and legislators from dialogue spaces met at the CFI.

The pattern, they say, is always the same: the provinces bring their claims to Francos, who undertakes to transmit them to the president. Then many of them fall on deaf ears “Everything ends up colliding with Milei”, they pointed out in the legislative field. “In the end, nothing can be negotiated with this Government,” added a source from a Peronist province.

Such a disagreement attacked the spirit of the summit between the Nation and the legislators, governors and leaders of dialogue spaces, who, previously, valued the tenor of the talks and the positive aspects of the meeting.

Guillermo Francos.jpg

Retirement: Guillermo Francos after the summit with governors and legislators at the CFI.

Retirement: Guillermo Francos after the summit with governors and legislators at the CFI.

Martin Llaryora (Cordova); Rogelio Frigerio (Between rivers); Maximiliano Pullaro (Santa Fe); Marcelo Orrego (San Juan); Jorge Macri (City); Leandro Zdero (Chaco); and Ignacio Torres (Chubut) are the leaders who participated in the day- There were also the vice-governors of Tucumán and Catamarca, both provinces administered by Justicialism.

Within that platoon, the most active were Frigerio and Macri, both from the PRO. Francos, meanwhile, was accompanied by the deputy chief of staff, Jose Rolandi.

The day after: complaints from dialogue spaces

Another of those present was the deputy Nicolas Massotmember of the block that commands Miguel Pichetto. This Tuesday, in dialogue with Radio con Vos, he commented: “We proposed that what was collected from the PAIS tax had to be shared between the provinces and they told us (the deputy chief of staff, José Rolandi, and the Minister of the Interior, Guillermo Francos) to send them a letter and we would talk about it tomorrow.”

Massot even went a step further and spoke of “disauthorization” by the Casa Rosada towards Francos. “They told us one thing and on Twitter they told us another. About sharing the PAIS tax was something that we had talked about among the 40 people who were in the CFI. We can attest to it. So, it is really very difficult to move forward,” he protested.

Pichetto, meanwhile, charged against the ways of the ruling party. “It would be good if they communicated, not responded on Twitter,” he told Radio 10. They were more pointed in a province of JxC that was part of the conclave: “The interlocutors in this Government do not exist.” “You have to go, explain and then explain again. It’s difficult, they don’t leave you room,” they protested.

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The short circuit, however, did not end up triggering the agreements reached. This Tuesday, Frigerio met with the deputies of Together for Entre Ríos and stated that they will support the omnibus law in the lower house.

The spaces allied to the Government believe that the project will end up being approved, but at a high price. The marches and countermarches of the ruling party liquefied the credit of both its own and other interlocutors.

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