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A man insulted opposition deputies and was expelled by security

After Bregman’s presentation, the deputy and head of the Unión por la Patria (UP) bloc, Germán Martínez, warned of the presence of a man who insulted the former presidential candidate: “Above the screen there is a person who directly insulted Deputy Bregman. Until he leaves we cannot continue meeting.”

Quickly, a group of opposition deputies, linked to UP and the FIT, They refused to continue with the session in the presence of the individual. Given this situation, the president of the Chamber of Deputies, Martín Menem, asked “all those present, those in the stands and deputies, to be respectful among ourselves.”

“We all have the right to give our opinion. Let’s respect the use of the word,” Menem urged in response to the murmuring and shouting that could be heard in the room and that prevented the deputies from speaking, within the framework of the period granted for the issues. of privilege.

“They brought bars to the stands to insult the speakers”said UxP deputy Cecilia Moreau, joining the call for the Chamber authorities to remove the person who had insulted the deputies who were speaking.

Martin Menem Law Omnibus Deputies.jpg

Martín Menem tried to continue with the session after an insult from a spectator.

Photo: Télam Agency.

An unusual crossing and a slowed session in Deputies

After the request for expulsion by opposition legislators, Menem tried to calm the waters in the session and tried to continue with the course of the debate. Martínez, however, reiterated his proposal and added supportlike the UxP deputy Ana María Ianni, whose turn it was to speak next due to a matter of privilege.

The UCR representative Carla Carrizo highlighted that the information sessions had been developed without problems and observed that this person, even without identification, He had also attacked her and the deputy of the We Make Federal Coalition Margarita Stolbizer.

Although the boxes had the presence of businessmen, Carrizo described the attacker not as an entrepreneur, but as “a professional agitator. Came to break. “We cannot have shock forces in the House.”

Menem, limited to continuing with the session for more than 10 minutes, asked security to “ask the person to leave and we continue the session. I ask that we do it in the best way possible. We can continue.”

Vote by vote in Deputies: who is for and against the omnibus law

The Government’s most ambitious project entered the chamber for voting with a quorum of the blocks whose opposition is nuanced. Then there are two positions without gray: The PRO defined its total support for La Libertad Avanza, which also adds votes from reduced seats; At the other extreme, Unión por la Patria and the Left Front will oppose it without fissures.

84 in favor and 104 against; In the middle everything is possible. Now, The debate entered its institutional instance in Congresswhere each item is susceptible to modifications and it is unknown – until the moment of the vote – what wording can be approved.

There are four blocks that will unlock the items, because if there is one certainty it is that The omnibus law will not come out in its entirety. Are the Radical Civic Union (34 deputies), We Make a Federal Coalition (23), Federal Innovation (9) and Independence (3): The ruling party needs 45 of those 69 votes to reach the figure of 129 affirmatives and approve the project.

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