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key meeting with Treasury officials

The meeting took place in Washington D.C. and it means the beginning of the different meetings that the Chief of Staff will have in that city. According to their surroundings, the objective of the trip is strengthen the bilateral relationship with the United States.

Posse and the official They reviewed the progress of the Argentine government to stabilize the country’s economy and the North American official recognized the reforms that the Argentine government is carrying out.

The relationship between Nicolás Posse and a senior US Treasury official

Nicolas Posse Washington United States Treasure – 2

Meeting of Nicolás Posse with the Undersecretary of International Affairs of the United States Treasury, Jay Shambaugh.


Shambaugh is an old acquaintance of posse, with whom he already met once, last December, just after the current government took office. At that time, the US government announced after the meeting that the US envoy “welcomed the government’s commitment to restoring economic stability.”

During the meeting, the US Undersecretary for International Affairs also focused on “the importance of focusing on maintain support for the most vulnerable Argentines during the difficult adjustment process.

Posse to hold meeting with Gita Gopinath

He is scheduled to visit the offices of the International Monetary Fund to hold a meeting with the first deputy managing director of the organization, the economist Gita Gopinathnumber two of the Bulgarian Kristalina Georgieva.

It is worth remembering that It’s not the first time posse visit to Gopinath. At the end of November, after the runoff, the chief of staff and the deputy director of the organization had a first meeting, prior to the inauguration of Milei, of which he also participated Luis Caputo, who at that time did not hold the position of minister.

posse He will travel accompanied by the head of the Federal Intelligence Agency, Silvestre Sivori, since a visit to the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). There, they are expected to be received by the Director of the organization, William J. Burns. According to the Cabinet Office, the purpose of the meeting is to strengthen relations between both agencies.

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