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The Gendarmerie advances on the protesters

After hours of concentration without problems, some protesters blocked a lane of Rivadavia Avenue and the Gendarmerie troops advanced with their shields to return them to the sidewalk. There were incidents at some points along the cordon.

After hours of protest without incidents in Plaza Congresothe Gendarmerie advanced on a group of protesters who had blocked two lanes of Rivadavia Avenue so that they return to the path. In the first instance, They did not retreat and the troops pushed with their shields and their canes to comply with the anti-picket protocol and guarantee circulation on the street.

In the midst of tension, Bottles began to fly, Gendarmerie repressed at some points of the cordon and fired pepper spray at the protesters. The Federal Police joined the operation to move the people who remained blocking Rivadavia.

Prior to the intervention of federal forces, a group of people cut one of the lanes of Rivadavia and the City Police teams were controlling traffic in the lane that had been left free.

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The incidents began when the Gendarmerie advanced on the protesters to put them back on the sidewalk. For now, Only one cord was left cut, there are still many people on the street. There is little space on the sidewalk.

Mobilization outside Congress in rejection of the omnibus law

Since this noon, social, human rights and cultural organizations, students, unions, neighborhood assemblies and left-wing parties are mobilizing outside Congress in rejection of the omnibus law while the project is debated in the Chamber of Deputies.

The representative of the Polo Obrero (PO), Eduardo Belliboni, announced in dialogue with Télam that They will remain vigil “if the session continues” during the night.

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