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The Government’s message in the middle of the session for the omnibus law

Through the official account that represents the president’s office on platform X (former Twitter), the Executive Branch addressed politics in the midst of the debate:

“Today the politics has the opportunity to begin to reverse the damage that has been caused to the Argentine people. The National Government has listened to all recommendations and objections. “Now it is the responsibility of the Deputies to promote the reforms proposed in the Law of Bases and Starting Points for the Freedom of Argentines, each of them fundamental to freeing the productive forces of our Nation and recovering our future.”

Minutes before, the presidential spokesperson, Manuel Adorni, also showed confidence from the Government about the approval of the “Bases” project. In this framework, he pointed out that for the national government it is “the starting point on this path.”

Omnibus law: the Government trusts in the “poroteo”

Asked by the media about a possible rejection of various points of the initiative, Adorni clarified that he “does not do futurology” but stressed that for the Government, “The north is clear, it always was, in the direction where we are going”.

Although it was not expressed publicly, those close to the Presidency are optimistic with the “porote” of votes for the treatment in general and, especially, with respect to the articles that define the delegation of powers to the Executive.


The Government sent a message to the deputies in the middle of the session for the omnibus law.

Vote by vote in Deputies: who is for and against the omnibus law

The Government’s most ambitious project entered the chamber for voting with a quorum of the blocks whose opposition is nuanced. Then there are two positions without gray: The PRO defined its total support for La Libertad Avanza, which also adds votes from reduced seats; At the other extreme, Unión por la Patria and the Left Front will oppose it without fissures.

84 in favor and 104 against; In the middle everything is possible. Now, The debate entered its institutional instance in Congresswhere each item is susceptible to modifications and it is unknown – until the moment of the vote – what wording can be approved.

There are four blocks that will unlock the items, because if there is one certainty it is that The omnibus law will not come out in its entirety. Are the Radical Civic Union (34 deputies), We Make a Federal Coalition (23), Federal Innovation (9) and Independence (3): The ruling party needs 45 of those 69 votes to reach the figure of 129 affirmatives and approve the project.

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