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A defeat… but with friends

February 1, 2024 – 00:00

Although Javier Milei will give the tone of a victory to the general approval, everything is relative, as in a neighborhood dive. The virtual and campaign modes that led to cutting almost half the project.

“It is better to share defeat with friends than victory with strangers or undesirables.” An old and well-known phrase by Alejando Dolina closes a text that explains the pan-cheese procedures, a common method for selecting equipment in a neighborhood dive. But it could also be applied to libertarian tactics to seek agreements to pass their law.

Firstly, because it relativizes something that, at least on a sporting level, seems to be res judicata. A defeat may not be such a thing. And even varnish yourself with the laurels of victory. In that dive, to share the moment with friends. In the omnibus law, because Javier Milei will puff out his chest for general approval, a situation that will be consummated between morning and noon when the deputies will be painted green or red on a board. But… is it really a victory? The commonplace, the easy joke, shows that the bus is already a combi. If the root “omni” refers to the Whole, the final text is less pretentious. The whole for the part, the definition of synecdoche. Rhetorical figure that best applies to what was left of the law after the chainsaw that the opposition forced to pass.

Secondly, Milei, with her ways, played like a minnow. She preferred to share defeat with her friends rather than achieve victory (total, omni) with strangers. Or, worse, with undesirables. The arrogance and campaign cries brought to the management prevent it from delving into the art of politics, which is above all a negotiation. Perhaps, it would give you better returns. He chose to threaten the governors, to show them the scythe with which he will destroy their accounts, rather than seek a rational solution to the reduction of co-participation and commit them to support for articles that ended up being eliminated.

This week’s meeting at the CFI is the best example. Forty front-line leaders from different areas believed they found a will in the Government to share in the PAIS Tax (a stock that grew fat with the devaluation). The Casa Rosada, embodied during that conclave in Guillermo Francos – the official who is most believed in and the only interlocutor in many cases – went into virtual mode in a matter of minutes.. And in that way, the one that the President likes the most, he blew up bridges with strangers. A tweet and a retweet were enough to destroy. Arrogance that would perhaps be more logical for an ruling party that had robust and well-oiled parliamentary majorities.

For Freedom Advances, the undesirables are far away. They are, in their eyes, Peronism and the left. Safe rejections. Insurance? Peronism has instances of dialogue. This is demonstrated by the Jaldo case, who shielded the most important productive sectors of the province (the sugar and citrus mills) and generated an earthquake with his separatist bloc. The Tucumán agreement is the exception that confirms the rule.

So, The ruling party preferred to capitulate on its initial intentions, abolish almost half the law, but end the party embracing its friends: the PRO that contributes cadres to the government, as well as the Cordoba movement, other provincial seals and part of the UCR.

After general approval, another game will come. That of the articles in conflict, which will be voted on in particular. And libertarians will have to make a new pan-cheese.

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