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Deputies went to intermission until noon

After 11 hours of debate of the omnibus law, The camera Deputies voted in favor of moving to a intermediate room until this Thursday at 12. There are still more than 140 speakers left. During the day, the ruling party and the opposition criticized the ruling. Outside, The police repressed the protesters.

After 9:30 p.m., the president of the PRO block, Cristian Ritondo, asked to vote one motion for adjourn until tomorrow at noon, given the extension in the list of speakers who still remain to speak.

From Unión por la Patria they questioned the request. “We are here to continue this session”said Germán Martínez, president of the block. And they took the opportunity to question that, after 11 hours of session, they had still not received the printed opinion.

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“The law is not printed. We do not know what we are discussing”, complained the deputy of Unión por la Patria, Leandro Santoro. Minutes before, on social networks, the legislator criticized the decision: “After 11 hours of session, the majority opinion does not appear and since we do not know what Law we are discussing, the session is suspended until tomorrow. Never seen before!”

Omnibus law: Deputies adjourned the session until Thursday at 12

After the motion was approved, the deputies left the lower house. The session will resume at noon, when there are still more than 140 speakers left.

On the way out, Ritondo spoke with C5N and announced that if the session is extended this Thursday they could vote again for another interim quarter until Friday. “If you don’t get to (vote), yes,” she said.

In order to move forward with the call “omnibus law” the libertarian Javier Milei negotiated with legislators from other benches and agreed to eliminate the tax chapter of the original proposal, the retirement formula, the reform of Profits and a number of companies on the list of privatizations that generated discrepancies with governors and the opposition.

Deputies debated for 11 hours, between chicanery and strong accusations

The ruling party reached quorum this morning with agreements with allies of the PRO and part of the UCR so that his proposal prospers, but there are still discrepancies on issues such as privatizations, co-participation to provinces and delegated powers.

“We are going through a crisis like never before in Argentine history.. We have 45% poor, 10% indigent, 60% of the children in Argentina are poor. The truth is that I am surprised to find Deputies who say that there is no crisis and there is no emergency with such numbers. That is the main reason why Javier Milei, the president with the most votes in Argentine history, is demanding this legislative delegation,” said the La Libertad Avanza deputy. José Mayoraz.

In turn, the president of the UCR block, Rodrigo de Loredo, He referred to the changes that were made to the original project, based on the proposals of the “dialogue opposition.” “No one knows clearly what this legal text is. It does not have much to do with the one that came from the Executive because the one we are dealing with today is the result of brutal, supportive and cooperative work of blocks like ours that had to deal with extortion to build a reasonable, balanced and fair option,” he said.

Facundo Manes, deputy of the UCR, He distanced himself from De Loredo’s position and anticipated that, in particular, he will vote against several points of the law. “To those who want to impose unreal dogmas and fanatical ideas and want extraordinary powers, do not count on us for extraordinary powers,” he said in reference to one of the most questioned articles of the Bases law.

For his part, the opponent Carlos Heller of Union for the Homeland He said that “this cannot be approved (by law), that is why our bloc has decided to totally reject, in general and in particular because there are no redeemable things. “The content throughout this entire project is contrary to the interest of Argentines.”

After anticipating the rejection of the law, the national deputy of Unión por la Patria, Carlos Castagneto, expressed the opposition’s good will to discuss reforms and proposed to the president “a plan B” to the omnibus law: eliminate tax exemptions for large companies to raise 4 points of GDP. It’s about the “offprint” sent with the 2024 Budget by the previous government that was never debated.

From the Left Frontdeputy Christian Castillo He questioned those who supported the project with the excuse of giving tools to the government. “They are not going to vote because they are responsible, the only responsible attitude towards this Government is to confront it with all the force we have in the premises and in the streets. They are going to vote for this law because, as I told you Myriam Bregman to Milei, They are all kittens of economic power and because the IMF asks them to,” he shot.

Tension outside Congress between Police and protesters

While the law was being debated inside Congress, outside the building there were riots between protesters opposing the project and the policewho tried to prevent the blocking of the streets.

The Gendarmerie advanced on a group of protesters who had blocked two lanes of Rivadavia Avenue so that they return to the path. In the first instance, They did not retreat and the troops pushed with their shields and their canes to fulfill the anti picketing protocol and guarantee circulation on the street.

The Prefecture advanced with two hydrant trucks on Rivadavia after completely clearing the corner of Entre Ríos Street after a strong repression on the people who were blocking traffic circulation. In any case, the avenue was completely occupiedmostly due to the hundreds of troops who completed the operation.

If the bill passes the House – a debate that will likely extend beyond Wednesday – it will move to the Senate next week.

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