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Dollar bonds deepened falls in the US and country risk rose for the fourth consecutive day

February 1, 2024 – 18:05

This happened on a day in which the session was resumed to debate the omnibus law in the Chamber of Deputies.


The dollar bonds they closed with majority of losses on Wall Street this Thursday, February 1 and, consequently, the risk country keep it up by fourth consecutive round. On the local stock market, meanwhile, they were listed mixed. This happened on a day when The session was resumed to debate the omnibus lawin the Chamber of Deputies.

In the local square They were observed low from up to 1.2%headed by Global 2035; followed by him Bonar 2038 (-0.8%) and the Global 2046 (-0.3%). Meanwhile, those that rose the most were Global 2029 (+4.3%), and the Global 2038 (+2.4%). In that context, the risk country keep it up by fourth day in a row. In this way, it positions itself in the 1,964 basis pointsas measured by JP Morgan.

“He BOPREAL Meanwhile, it opened offered, was ordered in the middle of the afternoon and closed as a seller again, operating in a price range of between US$67 and US$69“, reported SBS Group.

What will happen to hard dollar bonds if the law is approved?

“There is great expectation surrounding its approval (of the law) and the impact it would have on the sovereign hard-dollar bond curve,” he said. Delphos Investment. “It is expected that, If successful, the appetite for these securities will increase and the compression of yields will lead to a rise in parities.. In order to make visible the potential upside of sovereigns, we compare ourselves with their emerging peers,” they estimated.

For its part, since IEBthey maintained that it was a wheel “with little volatility”: “We saw demand for Bonares against pesos. The sovereigns end the day slightly positive. Like yesterday, There seems to be expectation waiting for definitions regarding the omnibus law“.

Bonds in pesos

The CER bonds operate mixed this Thursday. In this framework, those who most DICP (+6.5%) and the DIP0 (+1.4%). While those who gave up the most were the PARP (-1.6%) and the PR13 (-0.2%). On the other hand, the linked dollar bonds operate in rise. In that framework, the T2V4 goes up 1.7% and the TV24 keep it up 0.6%.

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