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new incidents occur between police and protesters

Unlike what happened yesterday, the Clashes occurred with City Police officerswho began to push the protestants that were on the square.

The protesters asked that the troops left the squaresince they were not blocking the street or interrupting traffic and it was then that they began to advance with their shields and throwing tear gas.

In the midst of the tension, the troops separated one of the protesters and he was detained. “They took me out of nowhere, I have a truck with sound and they took me out. I resisted because I am a citizen with rights,” said the young man.

On the other hand, one of the protesters was injured. “The police appeared like a troop to club with their shields and push. From what I saw I hit him on the head with the edge of the shield“said a man who witnessed the situation, in dialogue with C5N. “He was on the sidewalk in the grass, with his flags, without cutting anything.” Quickly SAME staff arrived to assist him and transfer him to a health center.

As explained from the City Police, there were protesters attacking with flags and they were kidnapped by police personnel. This point appears in the anti-picket protocol and it was from that incident that the advance of the troops began.

The police told the protesters to free the street.

Prior to the incidents on the outskirts of Congress, the City Police had mounted an operation on Callao Avenue where a column led by representatives of the left and of Worker Pole.

The police released three lanes to allow traffic to circulate, and in a statement they warned people “to free the street and they are walking towards the square to free it.”

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