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Patricia Bullrich anticipated sanctions for troops who have used party badges

“Any member who has a badge that is a partisan has an administrative action,” Bullrich told the press this Thursday when leaving his home.

The minister thus referred to the dissemination of the image of a security forces agent who yesterday wore a badge on his chest that identifies with libertarian ideas around Congress, while the “Bases” law was being discussed.

The controversy was not only present in the parliamentary premises: on the outskirts a large demonstration was taking place in rejection of the project promoted by Javier Milei. It was in that context that The cameras noticed the presence of a police officer with the libertarian symbol in his uniform.

As can be seen in the image obtained by the photographer of Ambitthe member of the Federal Police carries on his chest a patch specific. This is an image of the Gadsden flag, a symbol of the libertarian movement around the world.

After hours of protest without incident in Congress Plazathe Gendarmerie advanced on a group of protesters who had blocked two lanes of Rivadavia Avenue so that they return to the path. In the first instance, They did not retreat and the troops pushed with their shields and their canes to comply with the anti-picketing protocol and guarantee circulation on the street.

federal police libertarian flag detail

A police officer showed up with the libertarian symbol outside Congress.

Ignacio Petunchi

What is the Gadsen Flag, the symbol of libertarians

The original design is a bYellow flag with a drawing of a spiral rattlesnake. Below the figure there is always the phrase “Don’t tread on me”, which means “Don’t step on me.”

The symbol began to be used in USA in 1775 by the hand of Christopher Gadsden. Originally, it referred to the United States’ struggles abroad but Its meaning changed over time.. Over the years it was used by the Marine Corps, the Marinethe national team of soccer and until the MLS.

Patricia Bullrich: “We acted according to protocol”

The head of the Security portfolio referred to the incidents in the areas surrounding Congress and noted that “yesterday a law was being discussed and outside (of Congress) there was an orderly march, until at a certain moment they decided, on purpose, to go out and take over the streetwith the aim that people could not return home peacefully.

“We acted according to protocol”said Bullrich when carrying out an evaluation of the actions of the Federal Police and other security forces that intervened in the operation in front of Parliament.

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