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What the ruling party needs to achieve the approval of the omnibus law

This Thursday, starting at 12, the pro-government and opposition legislators make their presentations after a first 12-hour session that was interrupted by a fourth intermission.

Hour by hour, minute by minute, negotiations for approvals or rejections, both of the law in general and of particular issues, continue between the Government and the “dialogue opposition.” Blocks open to negotiation represent the key to define what is approved and what is rejected in the parliamentary chamber.

“As the matter comes, we would not finish today, but perhaps tomorrow. We are hopeful that we will pass the law as it is, but we are always willing to dialogue. If we correct something it is to enrich the law,” said, outside Congress, the head of the bloc of the Freedom Advances (LLA), Oscar Zago.

From radicalism, meanwhile, opinions are divided but with one certainty: the bill will not be approved in its entirety. It was the president of the UCR block himself, Rodrigo de Loredo, who maintained this Thursday that the delegation of powers established by the Bases and Starting Points bill “for only one year” to President Javier Milei “is what corresponds ” and “what other presidents have had.”

omnibus law congress deputies martin menem 31-01

Martín Menem, president of the Chamber of Deputies, during the extraordinary session for the omnibus law.


Omnibus law: what the ruling party needs to approve the project

There are four blocks that may, or may not, take the ruling party’s project to the approval stage: the Radical Civic Union (34 deputies), We Make the Federal Coalition (23), Federal Innovation (9) and Independence (3).

The Government of La Libertad Avanza (LLA), with the full support of the PRO bloc already confirmed, It requires 45 of those 69 votes to reach the figure of 129 affirmative votes. and approve the project.

In the run-up to this Wednesday’s legislative session, government sources pointed out that It is possible that the ruling party decides to withdraw the entire project if the opposition does not support the points they value most.

Milei analyzed progress of the omnibus law and does not rule out meeting with governors

President Javier Milei This morning he led a new cabinet meeting, in which he specifically analyzed the treatment he received yesterday on the premises of the Chamber of Deputies the omnibus lawin a special session in which the official initiative underwent some modifications and which will resume at noon.

The meeting began at 8:35 and ended at 9:30 in the Eva Perón Room of the Government House.

In the cabinet “a possible meeting of Milei with governors to address the Nation-province fiscal situation.

In radio statements, the Minister of the Interior, Guillermo Francos, key in the negotiation with the provincial leaders anticipated that the libertarian administration will try draw up a new fiscal pact.

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