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crossing with the left and an accusation against Kirchnerism that raised laughter in the venue

The Libertarian Government official, protagonist of various controversies since the beginning of her candidacy in the 2023 elections, spoke for the first time before the parliamentary microphone to raise a question of privilege about the police operation and the events that took place outside Congress.

In that framework, Lemoine targeted the Left Front in his first words: “I requested this motion to speak against Representative Myriam Bregman and Representative Nicolás del Caño, who are harassing people to lead them to a situation of violence. Bregman, from the first day of the session because she felt offended by the comment from someone who was in the box, called on the left-wing voters, who are 2%, to take to the streets.

“A deputy has to defend ideas in Congress and not in the streets where there can be violence. Violence breeds more violence and The best example is myself and several of my colleagues who were attacked nearby.s. We have a different ideology than hers, but you know what? “Her ideology is 2% and ours represents 56%,” he added.

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Lilia Lemoine’s debut in Congress: chicanes, crossing with the left and an unusual accusation of Kirchnerism.

Lilia Lemoine pointed out that she blamed the FIT for the violence in the streets

Targeting the Left Front and leaders of Unión por la Patria, Lemoine reported death threats and justified police action:

“Last night they threatened to kill me and so did my bench colleague. Last night I spoke with Nicolás del Caño in the elevator and I said ‘Nico, do you think there is no justification for a security protocol?’ street every day and anywhere because we live in democracy and in peace, but in the vicinity of Congress where your 2% militants are making a scandal, I cannot go out on the street. I hold them responsible for all the violence we are experiencing“.

Lemoine’s unusual accusation of Kirchnerism: “You are not right-wing”

The cosplayer, on the end of her question of privilege, He accused the Kirchnerist deputies and said that “they are not right-wing”which generated laughter within the parliamentary premises.

“I’m not sure if I would call them Kirchnerists, because yesterday a representative said that that was a chicanery. So, Union for the Homeland is a front that I don’t know how to tell you, so I’m going to tell you left because they are not right-wing.“, He launched.

And he added: “And neither are Peronists, because you know what? Perón was not with the terrorists, and we are not going to give in to terrorism because 56% of Argentines who voted for us support us. “You are not the Government.”

At the end of her speech, the libertarian representative defined herself as “the most operated person in this chamber.” “Don’t lie and stop talking about operations because the most operated person in this chamber is meand I am going to do whatever is necessary to make them retract and apologize, but now we have to deal with the basic law,” he concluded.

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