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Guillermo Francos is in Congress meeting with leaders of dialogue blocs

The negotiations between the Executive Branch and a sector of the opposition, represented mainly for radicalism and the We Make Federal Coalition bloc, They develop minute by minute in the run-up to the vote on Javier Milei’s project.

In this way, the political system refines the final details of what legislators will vote on in the next few minutes, with the sharing of the PAIS tax, privatizations and delegated powers as main axes.

Regarding federal co-participation, the provinces, for the moment, claim to have informal contacts with the Casa Rosada, although they have not yet reported any call from the libertarian administration.

Guillermo Francos Deputies

Photo: Télam Agency.

Last minute changes to the omnibus law

The last minute negotiations between the Minister of the Interior and the representatives of the blocs could deepen the position adopted by the Government in relation to flexibility on the law: this Thursday night, after knowing the final ruling, from the Casa Rosada confirmed the reduction of delegated powers and possible privatizations.

The delegated powers that Javier Milei would receive if the project is approved represent the main point of conflict. For this reason, of the 11 matters initially raised by the Government, now only six remain: economic, financial, security, tariff, energy and administrative.

Privatizations, another of the key axes of the ruling party, were also affected: the companies to be privatized were reduced from 37 to 26. “They removed those that are in Córdoba, among them Dioxitek,” they mentioned to Ámbito from Peronism.

In this context, the conversations that are currently taking place in the corridors of Congress between the ruling party and the dialogue opposition could unlock the last points of non-consensus between the different forces.

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