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History will remember them with honor

February 2, 2024 – 18:30

The presidential spokesperson, Manuel Adorni, released a statement on social networks after the deputies’ approval of the omnibus law in general.

The Government thanked the dialogueists for their support for the omnibus law: “History will remember them with honor”

After more 29 hours of debate distributed over three days, which already constitutes the longest session in Argentine historythe Chamber of Deputies approved the majority opinion of the omnibus law with 144 votes in favor and 109 against. This does not mean that the entire project achieved the half sanction, since the second phase of the parliamentary discussion will begin: that of the item-by-item treatmentwhich could dismember the already cut government reform package as of Tuesday, February 6 at 2 p.m.

Upon approval, Manuel Adornipresidential spokesperson, made a publication on the social network X (formerly Twitter), where he celebrated the deputies’ decision.

”The Office of the President celebrates the positive vote of the deputies who generally approved the Law of “Bases and Starting Points for the Freedom of Argentines” and especially appreciates the collaboration of the deputies and heads of their respective blocks, Cristian Ritondo, Miguel Ángel Pichetto and Rodrigo de Loredowho, despite our differences, have contributed to the law moving forward,” the statement begins.

Then, he continued: “History will remember with honor all those who understood the historical context and they chose to end the privileges of the caste and the corporate republic, in favor of the people, who have been impoverished and starved for years by the political class.

Finally, he referred to the moment in which the law is voted on in particular: ”We hope to have the same greatness on the day of the vote on the Law in particular, to advance to the Senate and begin to return dignity to the Argentine people.. “The only viable path for our country is that of freedom, work and order.”

Manuel Adorni’s statement


Omnibus Law: Deputies went to an intermission room until Tuesday at 2 p.m. where they will debate in particular

The Camera of Deputies had its third day of debate for the omnibus law in it Congress, where after 6 p.m. and after more than 30 hours of debate, The ruling party achieved general approval by 144 votes in favor and 109 against.

The rule should now be dealt with in particular article by article and for that a quarter vote was taken until next Tuesday at 2 p.m.

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