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Patricia Bullrich meets with Waldo Wolff after the repression in Congress

After the repression by security forces that took place on Thursday in the afternoon in front of Congressthe Minister of National Security Patricia Bullrich will meet with the Minister of Justice and Security of the City of Buenos Aires Waldo Wolff.

The meeting will take place at 12:30, at the headquarters of the Ministry of National Security. Although all eyes are on what may happen again in the CongressAccording to the official version, the meeting would not be related to this.

According to reports, after the meeting it will be announced that the thirty bars arrested last Sunday following the confrontation that occurred in the vicinity of the Rive courtr, ““They have been incorporated into the list of subjects included in the Safe Tribune program of the National Directorate of Security at Sports Events.”

Which will mean that none of these people will be able to witness any football or sports spectacle, both in the City and at a national and international level. This measure was already published this Friday in the Official Gazette.

In any case, beyond what was officially reported, After the conclave, the ministers are expected to speak to the media. And the questions, logically, will be directed at what happened on Thursday in front of Congress and what may happen in the coming hours.

Patricia Bullrich relativized the repression in Congress

repression in congress.jpeg

Patricia Bullrich relativized the repression that occurred on Thursday night in front of Congress

Ignacio Petunchi

In radio statements, Patricia Bullrich defended the security operation held on Thursday around Congress, during the second day of debate on the “Bases” law, considered that “There was no serious incident” and he stressed that his management will continue to “maintain public order.”

Yesterday there was a lot of security force, but there were no serious incidents“Bullrich assessed, and anticipated that the operations around Parliament will continue “until the processing of the law is finished.”

The forces are tired“It’s very hot, but we are going to take care of Congress and public order to ensure that Argentina is a normal country and not under the attack of stones and sticks,” said the national official.

Bullrich maintained that “after living in a crisis and total and absolute chaos, where the law had no value, now it is beginning to have value and there is a decision to order the country.”

He stated that in this context his job is to prevent “a politically organized group or sector from trying to take over Congress, break the windows or create chaos, as we have already seen on different occasions.”

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