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Javier Milei traveled to Mar del Plata to visit Fátima Flórez on her birthday

Beyond the good news that the approval of the omnibus law, Javier Milei I already had commitments for this Saturday: Fatima Florez turns 43 and the couple will share the night in Mar del Platawhere the actress stars in the theatrical season at the Atlantic Coast.

After his visit to Mar del Plata, Milei has a series of diplomatic commitments. It is expected that next Sunday he will meet in the city of Buenos Aires with Brian A. Nicholsassistant secretary of state for United States Office of Western Hemisphere Affairs. Later, on Monday, February 5, he will travel to Israelin what will be his first international tour that includes visits to the Pope Francisco in the Vatican and the president of Italy, Giorgia Meloniin Rome.

As confirmed by this medium, the delegation that will accompany him is made up of the Secretary of the Presidency, Karina Milei; the chancellor Diana Mondino the head of the Interior, Guillermo Francos, and the documentary filmmaker Santiago Oriadirector of the biographical film of the President.

What will Fátima Florez’s birthday be like?

After more than a month, Milei will be on February 3 to celebrate Flórez’s 43rd birthday. “Come visit me again soon. After he came to see me in the theater, I traveled to Buenos Aires. We had a great time,” Fátima had said in television statements made two weeks ago.

“The beautiful thing is when you search and the moments appear, that they are moments of quality. That’s the beautiful thing,” considered the artist. “My birthday falls on Saturday and that day, as an exception, we are not going to do two shows”he said and added: “We are going to do only one show, otherwise one lives working, working and that day, February 3, which is the day Javier comes, we are going to do just one show. Then we will recover it another day.”


Javier Milei and Fátima Florez in Mar del Plata.

In that sense, Fatima said that After Milei goes to see her at the theater, they will share a dinner at a restaurant in Mar del Plata to celebrate her birthdayjust like the President’s first visit to the spa city.

Travels of Javier Milei

Since taking office as president of the Nation, Javier Milei It was shown in public only in three locations in the province of Buenos Aires: oliveswhere the Presidential Fifth is, White Bayon the occasion of the tragic storm that caused destruction and deaths, and Mar del Plata, city ​​that will visit for the second time to accompany your partner, Fatima Florezwhich stars in the theater season.

In addition, two other trips of great repercussion are known. One went to Davos Economic Forum, in Switzerland, where an explosive conference was held. The other exit from the city of Buenos Aires was on the Antarcticaafter a stopover in the city of Rio gallegos. where he visited the Marambio Base and the Esperanza Base to begin cooperation activities between Argentina and the IAEA against pollution.

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