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Meat workers agreed to a 324% increase in three months

February 3, 2024 – 11:33

A non-remunerative allocation of $150,000 was established for salary adjustment for the month of January 2024.

Workers of the meat they closed one salary recomposition and new basis for negotiation 324.5% to the month of March 2024. This was reported through a release spread by the Union Federation of Personnel of the Meat and its Derivatives Industryleadered by Alberto José Fantini.

The salary agreement was concluded in collective labor agreement No. 56/75 and includes the months of January, February and March of 2024, according to union sources. The Meat Federationhas more than 50,000 members distributed in more than 70 subsidiaries in all the country.

The union organization negotiated this understanding with the Association of Refrigerators and Industrialists of Meat (AFIC), the Refrigerator Chamber of Argentina (CAFRA), the Chambers of Santa Fe Refrigerators (CAFRISA), the Chamber of Exporters of Argentine Meats (CECA), the Chamber of Entre Ríos Meat Industries (CICER), the Federation of Argentine Regional Refrigeration Industries (FRIFRA) and the Union of the Argentine Meat Industry (ONLY).



Increase for meat workers: how much they will earn starting in January

In this way he established a non-remunerative allowance of $150,000 by salary recomposition for the month of January of 2024 that will be incorporated as a basis for negotiation for the new wage parity that will be valid from April 2024 to March 2025. In addition, the workers agreed to a salary recomposition of 190% from February and 230% since Marchboth calculated as of the third month of 2023.

“The economic situation is complicated for the workers and, furthermore, The industry has some uncertainty due to the political and economic context of the country“he highlighted Fantini.

In that sense, he added that “in this difficult framework I believe that we reached a good agreement which ensures that the purchasing power of our people is not lost in the face of inflation.

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