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the two conditions that keep the conflict latent, despite the UTA salary increase

February 3, 2024 – 09:45

After weeks of negotiation, the union was able to negotiate a salary increase, starting from a base of $530,000. However, a precautionary measure stops the updating of the ticket and puts equal compliance in check. The longer it is delayed, the greater the injection of subsidies the Government will have to provide to support the new salaries.

After seven hearings to negotiate the paritythe Automotive Tram Union (UTA) reached an agreement that will raise the salary of the bus drivers of the AMBA to $737,000. In addition, they will add a retroactive increase to January. The sector chambers clarified that the tariff delay made by the Justice complicated the joint agreement. However, they warn that the pact will depend on the injection of subsidies that the Government applies to the ticket, or the increase in the fare that it decides.

The minutes arrived this Friday, after a extensive negotiation which took all day. After 5 p.m., the business chambers confirmed that the discussion would continue Tuesday at 2:30 p.m., after a quarter intermission. Furthermore, they emphasized the request of the Labor Secretary: “Continue negotiating until you agree, and there is no conflict.”

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Ignacio Petunchi

The union accepted what was required since “does not want to give up purchasing power”. Initially, the UTAin charge of the general secretary Roberto Fernandezrequested to increase the salary from $530,000 to $1,100,000. The chambers (AAETA-CEAP-CETUBA-CTPBA AND CEUTUPBA) offered a 50% between December and February and a non-remunerative fixed sum of $60,000in a context of budget restriction due to the lack of cost calculation by the Secretary of Transportation.

Finally, after seven hearings between Labor Secretarycameras and UTAthe agreement is as follows: a basic salary of $597,000 for January and of $737,000 for February. Paying attention to last month’s basic remuneration, the resulting difference will be settled along with this month’s earnings. Likewise, the parties will meet on March, 15thfor the purposes of determining the new floor, “whose agreed calculation base will be $987,000”, according to the minutes.


Ignacio Petunchi

When asked about How could the negotiation impact the transportation rate?in dialogue with Ambit A representative of a chamber responds that, for the moment, the rate remains the same. $270. But the agreement “is conditional on compliance with the fact that, by one means or another, the incremental costs of this joint venture are covered“, that is, for biggest ticket increase or one increase in subsidies. The labor cost represents 50% of the transportation cost.

In that sense, in the afternoon the business chambers of groups expressed their worry due to the lack of application of the tariff update, due to the precautionary measure that questions the public hearing procedure, requested by the mayor of Esteban Echeverria, Fernando Gray.



The change in the minimum ticket from $77 to $270 is intended partially cover inflation between September to this part. “Let us remember that the AMBA record one of the lowest rates in the country”, emphasizes the statement. In turn, they understand that the calculation of subsidies that cover the difference between the cost of the ticket and the operating cost is based on input prices for the month of August and September. “The real cost of moving a user was $800 in December and now it is about $1,000. Between tariff and subsidies, you receive $520”, they explain from the cameras.

A corresponding tariff adjustment is essential, to guarantee the provision of services that serve more than 11 million daily transactions,” they conclude in the statement. From September to January the cameras warn of a delay of 83% in the calculation of subsidies and 250% in the ticket. The precautionary measure stops the increase that should have been applied on February 1 and while the joint venture is at risk, so is the passenger’s pocket. “The question of when the increase will become effective remains to be resolved.”they clarify.

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