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What are the next steps of the omnibus law in Congress after approval in Deputies?

With hundreds of speakers and three days of session, the “Bases” project was voted affirmatively in its general aspect after the negotiation of the ruling party with the “dialogue opposition”, made up of the Radical Civic Union (UCR) and the bloc We Make the Federal Coalition as main forces of dialogue.

Thus, the Government achieved first approval of the law in the lower house with the parliamentary support of the PRO (37 deputies), Radical Civic Union (32 deputies), We make Federal Coalition (18 deputies), Federal Innovation (9 deputies), Independence (3 deputies), Production and Work (2 deputies), Buenos Aires Libre, (2 deputies), Freedom Advances (1 deputy), Believe (1 deputy), The Mendoza Union (1 deputy) and By Santa Cruz (1 deputy).

The electoral contest has not yet ended in the Chamber of Deputies and, despite this week’s historic and marathon session, legislators will have to take part in more instances before the text continues its course in the Senate.

Martín Menem Deputies Omnibus Law.jpeg

Omnibus Law: José Luis Espert celebrated the victory in the Deputies with Martín Menem.

Omnibus law: what are the next steps

In the next session, scheduled for Tuesday of next week, the deputies must debate the project article by article. This is an instance where, with the project already approved, each force will be able to express its disagreement with specific sections of the law, which could be deleted or modified prior to the debate in the upper house.

The members of the three accordist opposition blocs that guaranteed the approval have freedom of action to discuss each article: the will of the Radical Civic Union (UCR), We make Federal Coalition (HCF) and Federal Innovation From now on they will be governed by provincial convictions or demands, no longer by the vocation of governability.

The position of the dialogue blocks allowed the President to approve his ambitious project, but, now, they will argue that their efforts in negotiation improved the text of the law, which is not yet written: Its writing will originate in meetings this weekend and will continue in intermediate rooms from the next session.

Germán Martínez on the omnibus law: ”Coherence is at stake on Tuesday”

Germán Martínez, president of the block of deputies of Union for the Homeland (UP)declared on Friday that the debate in the Chamber of Deputies ”does not clear up dark issues” of the omnibus law that ”passed during the commission process”, considered the treatment of the text ”anomalous” and pointed out that the vote in particular will be where ”the level of coherence” of each legislator will be seen .

After the end of the session in the lower house, where the basic law was generally approved by 144 votes to 109, Martínez highlighted that “It was a debate within the premises that did not fully clear up the number of dark issues that occurred during the commission’s proceedings and within the session itself”.

In addition, he stated that “it was announced that articles were leaving the office that were left inside today” and that “the parliamentary secretary read a number of articles the other day that is now different from what the reporting member read.” Therefore, he explained: “That means that throughout the session, we were giving the debate without any type of reference regarding the text they want to discuss in particular”. And he emphasized: “We get tired of saying it, such an anomalous parliamentary treatment has never been seen“.

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