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The ruling party announced that it will seek to extend the extraordinary sessions in the Senate

Likewise, the ruling party senator was “optimistic” to obtain “the greatest number of votes” in the upper house to sanction the “Bases Law” without changes, as approved by the lower house last Friday.

After the arduous debate in Deputies, the omnibus law will be sent to Senate, where the Government is playing a tough political game to turn the project into law. To do this, it needs time and is racing against time with its need to sanction the rule as soon as possible.

Senate: the ruling party is thinking about extending extraordinary measures for the debate on the omnibus law

In radio statements, Abdala confirmed that the ruling party will request an extension of the period of extraordinary sessions, stipulated until next February 12.

For this reason, the provisional president of the Senate stated that it would be necessary to “extend the period of extraordinary sessions” established by the president Javier Mileibecause he estimated that only “on Monday, February 12” the Upper House would begin to form the commissions that will debate the regulations. “The issue of extraordinary sessions will have to be extended until the end of February”he assured in statements to radio Rivadavia this Sunday.

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In that line, Abdullah He justified that the extension of the extraordinary time will be taking into account that the legislators will raise the need to introduce changes, since “if they are superior, we will have to listen to them,” he said.

The LLA senator estimated that “if so, the law will return to the Chamber of Deputies”. “As a representative of the ruling party, I would like it to not undergo any modification (in the Senate) and become law,” he was sincere.

Omnibus law: ruling party confident of approving the project without changes

“I am optimistic that we will have the greatest number of votes to be able to sanction (the law), as far as possible respecting the result of the Chamber of Deputies. If not, it will return” to the Lower House, he explained.

Abdullah He stated that he would “like to achieve in this second time”, in reference to the treatment in the Senate, “the result of the first” in the Chamber of Deputies, which last Friday approved in general by 144 votes to 109the project of omnibus law after three days of parliamentary debate.

The discussion in Deputies went to an intermediate room until next Tuesday, where the treatment of the initiative in particular will begin, because the ruling party and the so-called dialogue blocs They must overcome differences on key issues such as privatizations, the Guarantee Fund and the sharing of Country Taxes.

Finally, Abdala was against sharing the PAI taxS, which has a 30 percent rate on foreign currency transactions in the retail market, as a group of governors claimed from the national government days ago.

“If you make it shareable, you don’t get it anymore”stated the senator from Puntano, and opined that “governors are little animals that spend and that, when they see that they can get something more and bring water for their mill, they are going to do it.

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