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They warn of strong gusts of wind tonight

February 3, 2024 – 20:36

The National Weather Service issued a “wind gust” alert for Saturday night and early Sunday morning.

He National Metereological Service issued a yellow alert for “gusts of wind” for this night Saturday and the dawn of Sunday. The warning brings “low probability of isolated showers for said period” for the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires and surrounding areas of Buenos Aires suburbs.

Faced with the predicted climate phenomenon, the government of the City of Buenos Aires issued a series of recommendations to be taken into account by the population. “In case of strong winds or in times of rain, move with caution, avoid moving in wooded areas. Do not place flower pots or plastic chairs and remove those placed on windows or balconies that, due to the action of the wind, may be blown away. And be careful with clotheslines and any element that may cause risks to third parties,” they indicated.

Through a press release, they recalled that in “In case of emergency, call line 103.”

While given the possibility of heavy rains, they warned “do not drive through flooded streets, do not touch lighting columns, light boxes, or any type of cables that were on public roads“, do not throw cans, bottles or other elements that may clog the drains.” Nor do not deposit waste on public roads, at unauthorized times and places, as this causes inconveniences in the storm drain system.

Heat wave in Argentina, 30 cities exceeded 35° this Saturday

At least 30 cities exceeded 35° temperatures and five of them exceeded 40°, according to the National Metereological Servicewhich recorded one of the hottest days of 2024 in Argentina. Powerful gusts of wind would give relief to AMBAwhere Merlo (37.2°) and Hummock (36.8°) were the epicenters of the stress.

The cities in the north and center of the country were the hottest, with peaks Santiago del Estero (43.9°), The Rioja (42.6°), the Chaco town of Roque Saenz Pena (40.8°), the Salta Oran (40.4°) and Formosa The Lomitas (40.2°). In counterpart, Ushuaia (10.8°), Rio gallegos (18.3°) and Viedma (18.5°) were the coldest provincial capitals of the day.

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