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Renting in the most sought-after area of ​​Greater Buenos Aires costs 17% less than in CABA

February 5, 2024 – 17:00

The increase in rental prices in this area is 15.9% in January, below the inflation that is projected between 20% and 25% for the first month of 2024.

Values. Rental costs are increasingly higher. A minimum wage covers 69% of the price to rent a studio apartment in Caba.

In the middle of the strong inflationfind a housing for rent in the City of Buenos Aires that can adapt to income, it is a challenge. The context makes the tenants They begin to move away from CABA, in search of an area that is more accessible to them, and there the jewel of the market appears as the north of the Buenos Aires suburbs.

In the northern zone, renting a two-room apartment costs on average 17.1% cheaper than in the Cityaccording to the latest report of Zonaprop. Thus, the north of Buenos Aires became one of the most sought after places to live in Greater Buenos Aires.

With accumulated inflation that stood at 211.4% during the year 2023, rentals in that area also had a more favorable performance in terms of prices: the annual increase was 232%13% lower than in CABA, where an annual increase of 260% was recorded.

On average, a two room apartment in North Zone reaches the monthly figure of $335,845Meanwhile in CABA is rented for $405,218. Meanwhile, a three-bedroom has a monthly cost of $525,104 per month and in CABA the value amounts to $558,710.

In August, The rent increases in the northern area had marked a record increase since 2016 and surpassed that of the city of Buenos Aires. However, in the following months, a change in trend was observed and the increases were more substantial in CABA than in the northern zone, leaving prices behind.

Vicente Lopez and olives They lead as the neighborhoods with the most expensive offer on the market in the northern area, with a value of $573,019 and $541,175, respectively. For its part, Nordelta It has an average monthly cost of $522,473. By contrast, San Miguel and Villa Ballester They offer more affordable options, with prices of $253,266 and $255,587 per month, respectively.

In the Middle area the neighborhoods of Tiger and Victory at $434,790 and $419,430 per month, respectively.

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