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The Church warns about the food crisis and asks the Government to assist community kitchens

The CEA message pointed out that the community kitchensamong other social and religious institutions, must receive assistance “without delay” so that the situation “does not deepen the food crisis“.

“As bishops, in pastoral dealings with simple people, we have learned that ‘No one is denied a plate of food’. In our country no one should go hungry, since it is a blessed land of bread. However “Today, hundreds of thousands of families find it increasingly difficult to feed themselves well,” said the Executive Commission of the CEA, whose president is Monsignor Oscar Ojea.

Poverty row I claim food human capital 2024

The Church warned of “food crisis”

In that document, titled “The request for daily bread is a cry for justice,” and released a week after the Pope Francisco receive the president in the Vatican Javier Milei, The CEA highlighted that “it is necessary to anticipate so that this situation does not deepen the food crisis”, and in that sense it considered that “individuals, communities and the people must be provided with what is needed to help the most fragile, especially to boys, girls, adolescents and older adults”.

“In the face of a crisis,” the text mentioned, “technocratic paradigms are not enough, whether state-centric or market-centric, community is necessary.”he claimed.

The document indicated that “inflation has been growing day by day for years and has had a strong impact on the price of food,” a situation that “is clearly felt by the working middle class, retirees and those who do not see their salaries growing.”

“In this scenario of sacrificed work and low income, families deprive themselves of many things. For example, a mother can deprive herself of taking a bus and walk to save, but in no way can she not feed her children. It is That is, food cannot be an adjustment variable,” he said.

The document cited a fragment of the wisdom book of Tobias, in the Old Testament, which points out that “among the primary needs is food,” a reason why, the text continued, “Jesus identifies himself with the last in the line of life that are hungry, and says: ‘I was hungry and you fed me.'”

Poverty row I claim food human capital 2024

The CEA recalled that the time of the Covid-19 pandemic “taught the value of organized community response” and that in that time of health emergency “canteens multiplied” in parishes, evangelical churches and popular movements.

Thus, he highlighted that “the main protagonists were the women,” because “each one approached the pot thinking not only of their children, but also of those of their neighbors,” mentioned the CEA.

The Catholic entity valued that “this social reserve” is still present, and that is why “the national, provincial and municipal State must take advantage of it so that no one is left without their daily bread.”

“All care spaces that provide food, all community kitchens, parish kitchens, evangelical churches and popular movements must receive help without delay,” the Episcopal Commission said.

And he added: “This entire community, a true army of love and service, is willing to feed now because it is necessary, but without giving up continuing to put the country on its shoulders, so that in our beloved Argentina the dream of Earth becomes a reality. , Roof, and Work for each family”.

The Government responded to food claims

At the press conference this Monday, presidential spokesperson Manuel Adorni assured that food “is not an adjustment variable” and pointed out against the intermediaries of social organizations who “speculate” on the needs of the people and called them “managers.” of poverty”.

“The food of Argentines is not under discussion. An agreement has just been signed between ministers Sandra Pettovello and Pedro de la Torre regarding food assistance,” explained the spokesperson in his usual contact with the press at Casa Rosada.

According to Adorni, “food is not an adjustment variable” and “intermediaries, who did business with poverty, are; we want no one to do business with what does not belong to them,” he said.

Regarding the lines of dozens of people in the Ministry of Human Capital who are demanding food today, Adorni clarified that “we do not have any assessment of whether it was a call from an organization” and insisted that “the intention is for the help to reach them.” to whom it has to reach. We don’t want more intermediaries, we don’t want more poor people,” he concluded.

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