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The Government made the intervention of public media official

The provision covers, Télam, Argentine Radio and Television and Public Content – which brings together Public TV, Encuentro, Pakapaka, DeporTV and the Contar platform – all units that remained under the control of the Chief of Staff.

The auditor appointed by the Executive is Diego Martín Chaher, while the deputy auditor will be Diego Sebastian Marias, that will function under the orbit of the dependency that leads Nicolas Posse, who may also extend the intervention for a single time, as established by the regulations.

Intervention of public media: what will be the objectives

According to the official text, the auditors will have the powers that the respective statutes of the intervened companies confer on the Board of Directors and/or its president and, especially, those established in the decree in question.

In this sense, Chaher and Marías must ““Develop a reformulation, readjustment and action plan for societies.” which will be put to the consideration of the Executive; evaluate, modify the Statute for the agency’s personnel or approve a new one; modify the regulations for contracting works, goods and services.

The functionaries will be authorized to modify the name of the organizations -although they must also have prior approval from the Casa Rosada-, to review purchasing and contracting administration; arrange a comprehensive audit about the state of the facilities, goods that are received and the state in which they are located, as well as presenting the accountability.

Finally, the intervention aims to “operate and maintain the companies, in order to optimize administrative management with a view to make them sustainable.”

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The news of the intervention had been announced last Saturday

To this end, the interveners may also “appoint and remove officials and staff of each of the aforementioned companies.” However, the decree also clarifies that “the detail provided in the preceding paragraphs is only illustrative and does not limit in any way the functions of the Comptroller and the Deputy Comptroller that may be linked to other regulatory aspects, to audit actions and sanctions, to aspects economic-financial and the protection of user rights”.

“If any anomaly is detected, the Comptroller and the Deputy Comptroller must accurately report theu economic significance and the impact it causes or has caused on the managementproviding all the respective information or working documents and advising on the corresponding actions and measures,” he points out.

Meanwhile, the decree signed by the president and the Minister of the Interior, Guillermo Francos, He also specifies that “the Chief of Cabinet of Ministers “will provide the necessary adjustments in the Budget of the National Public Administration in order to meet the requirements that arise as a consequence of this act.”

Public media: who are they? Diego Martín Chaher and Diego Sebastián Marías

Chaher is a lawyer from Mendoza who held management positions in Grupo América media for 20 years, owned by businessmen Daniel Vila and José Luis Manzano. He graduated from the University of Belgrano in 1997, has a master’s degree in Business Law from the Catholic University of Cuyo and other postgraduate studies, according to his resume.

The attachment, Diego Sebastian Marias, He was a deputy in the Buenos Aires Legislature between 2017 and 2019 for the Pro bloc. Before that he had worked as an official in the Ministry of Education and Sports of the Nation, together with the then minister Esteban Bullrich.

During his time in the city chamber he actively participated in the drafting of the Electoral Code who governs the district, being president of the Constitutional Affairs Commission. At the end of his term he was appointed as a member of the Judicial Council, representing the lawyers of the Federal Capital.

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