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Germán Martínez described the return to commission as a parliamentary defeat and legislative failure

After the hard setback in the Congress for him Government of Javier Mileiwhere the session adjourned in which the omnibus law after rejections on key points of the legislation. In this way, the mega project of the Executive Branch will return to committee.

Minutes later, after adjourning the session before discussing the privatizations, the president of the block of deputies of Unión por la Patria, German Martinezdeclared: ”It is clearly a parliamentary defeat and a legislative failure on the part of Milei’s political space.”

Furthermore, he warned that the decision to return to committees means “that there are no longer opinions.” And he added: ”We knew what we were dealing with, We always knew that this law was not about to be approved. It is a legislative failure for the ruling party. I would like to learn from this, this is not how it is legislated..”

In art. 5 the ruling party and the blocs that accompanied them realized the risk of continuing. This omnibus law strategy must not happen again. Our task is to legislate and do it well and our bloc did it very very well and the results are visible. Now everything is down and we have to start from scratch“, he concluded.

Martínez had declared on Friday that the debate in the Chamber of Deputies did not finish clearing up dark issues of the omnibus law that ”happened during the commission’s process,” he considered ”anomalous” text processing and He pointed out that the vote in particular would be where ”the level of coherence” of each legislator would be seen.

“Betrayal pays dearly”: after the setback due to the omnibus law, the ruling party accused the governors of “extortion”

Furiously, Freedom Advances charged against the governors after the legislative failure to give half a definitive sanction in Deputies to the omnibus law, which will return to commission, and accused them of “extortion.” In a tweet, the ruling party threatened: “Betrayal pays dearly.”

Prior to the adjournment of the session, the ruling party voted to call an interim meeting at the request of deputy Miguel Pichetto, given the difficulties in approving central aspects of the project.

During the recess, the head of the Chamber of Deputies, Martin Menem, He summoned Zago to his office along with the PRO block presidents, Cristian Ritondo, from the UCR, Rodrigo de Loredo, and We Make Federal Change, Miguel Pichetto, leaving the representative of Unión por la Patria out of the discussion, Germán Martínez.

From the ruling party they want to deny a defeat

There, the ruling party and the “dialogue” opposition blocs discussed the future of the session and finally decided to end it and send the project back to the commissions. The head of the ruling party block, Oscar Zago, He confessed that there were members of the Executive Branch within the office who endorsed the decision: “They made the decision with us to return to committee and continue talking.”

Zago considered that “It is neither a defeat nor a step back” but “it is a return to commission to continue dealing with it.” It was not the same as what the official LLA account expressed in the message it published on the social network returns to committee.”

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