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Guillermo Francos seeks to bring positions closer and proposed sharing another tax

Before the debate resumes in the Chamber of Deputiesthat deals in particular article by article with the omnibus lawthe Minister of the Interior Guillermo Francos held a series of meetings with legislators from dialogue blocs and governors, in an attempt to rebuild a bond with the provinces that was broken after last week’s failed agreement in the CFI.

After confirming the president’s refusal Javier Milei to participate the COUNTRY taxone of the conditions that some governors set to accompany the different articles of the “Bases” law, Francos proposed the possibility of participating in another tax and hinted that it could be the “check tax”, a proposal that the Peronist leaders had already made.

He also committed to revive the debate for a new retirement formula. However, as Ámbito learned, the reception from the provinces was not what was expected. “There is a lot of distrust of the Governors with the Casa Rosada,” summarized a source.

The relationship between the provinces and the Government suffered a setback last week, after a meeting that the governors held with Francos at the Buenos Aires headquarters of the Federal Investment Council (CFI), in which the news emerged that an agreement had been reached to share 30% of the PAIS tax. However, moments later, from Nación rejected that version and assured that fiscal issues will be discussed in another package of laws.

This outcome eroded Francos’ credibility with the provincial leaders and placed him in a complex situation to negotiate forward. Nor did the statements of the provisional president of the Senate Bartolomé Abdala help, nor the chicanes that the President posts on his networks.

Guillermo Francos in the meeting with governors.jpg

Francos maintained contacts with governors and legislators

Francos’ meetings in Congress

During the morning of Tuesday, prior to the restart of the session in Deputies for the treatment of the omnibus law, Francos held a meeting with the president of the Chamber Martín Menem. Also summoned to the meeting were deputies Miguel Pichetto (We Make the Federal Coalition), Cristian Ritondo (PRO) and Rodrigo de Loredo (UCR), who accompanied the ruling party during the general vote.

The La Libertad bench advances with the president of the block Oscar Zago at the headhad previously brought together its legislators and also had meetings with the rest of the so-called dialogue spaces with the aim that the particular discussion of each article could advance.

The objective was to bring together the positions in reference to different specific articles of the omnibus law. Above all, after Francos assured that Milei “is not going to share” the Country taxbecause it is a “transitive tax”, assured that work is being done to “lift the stocks” and pointed out that “a labor reform” is necessary.

This fact impacted the spaces that have legislators who report directly to governors who are affected by a lower transfer of funds from the Nation.

More fuel to the fire

Far from calming spirits, the statements of the provisional president of the senate, the libertarian Bartolomé Abdala, added fuel to the fire by defining the governors as “spending animals.”

The answer, on this occasion, came from Patagonia. The Rio Negro Alberto Weretilneck I consider that “never in 40 years since the return of democracy, has a National Government attacked and disrespected the Provinces as we have suffered since December 10“.

On his social network account It is not an attack on those of us who were elected by popular vote, “It is an insult and a lack of respect for the millions of provincials who build the Republic every day.”

In this vein, the leader of Together We Are Río Negro (JSRN) considered that they are called “spending animals” because “they guarantee the right to education and ‘spend’ to “give free security and health to our people.”

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