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There is no agreement

In television statements, the La Libertad Avanza (LLA) official mentioned the alternative that the Government is preparing in case the opposition rejects retirement mobility: “There is no agreement on the reform of the retirement formula. If there were not some agreement, The Government will work in the meantime with bonuses to compensate and that they do not have loss of purchasing power.”

Menem also pointed out that “Retirees are desperate for Alberto Fernández’s formula”. “They have lost 35% in recent years and now they come to talk about the problem,” he protested and stressed that “the will” of the Government “is to do the impossible so that the situation improves.”

“Until the last minute we will be waiting to see if there may be a rapprochement. 129 people have to guarantee the vote for a formula that stops them from losing money as they have been losing for the last four years,” he added.

Martín Menem – Deputies.jpeg

Martín Menem, president of the Chamber of Deputies.

Omnibus law: possible negotiations for retirement mobility

He head of the We Make Federal Coalition bloc, Miguel Ángel Pichetto, anticipated possible negotiations for retirement mobility: “One of the issues that undoubtedly has a lot of sensitivity is retirement mobility. Let’s see if we can talk tomorrow to review it.”

“The formula of Alberto Fernandez It has been lethal. It has caused retirees to lose a great deal of purchasing power. There is an idea that the Government is evaluating, which is to update for inflation starting in January. That’s a topic we’re going to talk about tomorrow.”, he added in a criticism of the previous Government.

Regarding the articles that will be discussed starting at 2 p.m., Pichetto pointed out that “it is important to be able to discuss what alternatives there are and work on compromises from the point of view of the immediate future. The provinces have to be certain that they can function without resorting to crazy things like in La Rioja with quasi-currencies.”

omnibus law congress deputies miguel angel pichetto 31-01

Pichetto expressed his intention to negotiate on the retirement mobility article.

Pichetto expressed his intention to negotiate on the retirement mobility article.


Omnibus law: what does the particular vote that will continue in Deputies consist of?

The particular vote, which will begin this Tuesday, consists of the treatment of the initiative article by article. This is an instance where, with the project already approved, Each force may express its disagreement with specific sections of the lawwhich could be deleted or modified prior to the debate in the upper house.

The members of the three accordist opposition blocs that guaranteed the approval have freedom of action to discuss each article: the will of the Radical Civic Union (UCR), We make Federal Coalition (HCF) and Federal Innovation From now on they will be governed by provincial convictions or demands, no longer by the vocation of governability.

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