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Government licks wounds and promises to make governors pay the cost

February 7, 2024 – 1:12 p.m.

With Javier Milei abroad, Casa Rosada digests the defeat and evaluates using “constitutional” tools to advance some postulates of the “Bases Law.”


With the president Javier Milei abroad and while the defeat is still being digested, the Government evaluates using other “constitutional tools” to advance the main guidelines of the omnibus law, although at the moment, it does not plan to revive the initiative in committee. Meanwhile, the crisis is prevented from becoming institutional and consequently the culprits are sought outside the Cabinet – for now -, specifically in the “governors and other traitors”.

“Experience indicates that they should not be treated again, this is dead,” said an official with an office at Balcarce 50 Ambit. The idea, at this time, is to “continue advancing in the economic program”, while not ruling out the use of “constitutional tools” to advance other issues in the official text.

This is how the presidential spokesperson defined it this Wednesday, Manuel Adorni, who confirmed that Casa Rosada has not ruled out the use of a plebiscite or even decrees, to specify some of the postulates of the omnibus law. Adorni’s expressions during his usual press conference at Casa Rosada showed how which he left the day after the rejection of the official project in Deputies. Given the refusal, the spokesperson reiterated that “the law is going to become reality” and considered that “At some point politics will realize what people want.”

According to this media, the Government is analyzing the possibility of a referendum on the omnibus law. “Even though it is not binding, you manage to expose the deputies,” They argued in Casa Rosada differentiating the measure from that of a plebiscite, which has to go through Congress. “They are not going to give us authorization there,” they explain.

Although the costs that this would imply have not yet been analyzed, the forces of heaven are studying the cases of Uruguay, where Luis Lacalle Pou won victory in 2022 and was able to advance with the Urgent Consideration Law, and Chile, with a result adverse for Gabriel Boric in the constitutional reform.

The long black list of the ruling party

In his first political defeat in Congress, the Government tries to contain the political crisis so that it does not become one of institutional dimensions. In this framework, they ruled out possible changes in the Cabinet for now and confirmed to this medium that the Minister of the Interior Guillermo Francos – one of those in charge of the negotiation with the legislators – will join the delegation that accompanies the President on Friday.

The anger is on the governors. “They will have to pay the adjustment,” ratified in Casa Rosada on the local leaders, on whom they are already beginning to make the punishment noticeable. In fact, this Wednesday a meeting of the Minister of Economy was scheduled, Luis Caputowith the governor of Santa Fe Maximiliano Pullaro. “It was canceled due to scheduling reasons,” they said between laughs Ambit.

Beyond the list of “traitors” that Javier Milei published on his social networks, the ruling party added names in the last hours that could eventually lead to departures from the Government. Such is the case of Osvaldo Giordano, head of ANSES. The man from Córdoba is married to deputy Alejandra Torres, who opposed some sections of the vote in particular. “He or his wife are going to have to give explanations,” they remarked from Balcarce.

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