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Javier Milei’s fury against officials of Córdoba and Salta

February 7, 2024 – 13:04

Javier Milei is considering ejecting Cordoba officials at the head of ANSES, Transportation and Banco Nación from the government. The purge could reach Flavia Royon.

The fall of the omnibus law marks a turning point in the government of Javier Milei. The President is not a traditional politician and his reaction in the future appears more serious than the legislative setback suffered in the Chamber of Deputies. From Israel, the head of state linked the governors with crimes such as drug trafficking and human trafficking. He called the legislators beasts and published a blacklist with the names of the deputies who voted against the omnibus law whom he defined as traitors.

He Cabinet presidential goes through critical hours. Last night the government mentioned the imminent ejection of the Cordoba Peronist officials who hold positions at the head of the ANSESas Osvaldo Giordanoin the Ministry of Transportation, as Franco Mogettaand in the presidency of Banco Nación as Daniel Tillard. The thing is that the deputies of that sector voted against, in particular, several sections related to the basis of the powers delegated to the President.

But the purge of officials could also carry the lesson to Salta taking into account that Gustavo Saenz’s deputies did not support the project in the particular vote either. That is why this morning the continuity of Flavia Royon as head of the Secretary of Energy was also in doubt.

The presidential fury also reaches the Minister of the Interior, Guillermo Francoswho despite the latent tension with the Chief of Staff, Nicolas Posse, keeps his trip to Rome on the agenda to join the presidential delegation that will go to the Vatican this Friday. The internal crisis also extends to Deputies where Martin Menem failed to oil the legislative technique to secure agreements with the dialogue blocs.

The block leader, Oscar Zago, is facing Menem but at the same time is questioned by several deputies from the bench of Freedom Advances. Marginalized from the negotiations for the ruling and from decision-making, the libertarian deputies found out on the floor that the session was being adjourned based on a journalist’s query.

The only explicit support that Milei had after the defeat by the omnibus law was from Mauricio Macri. The former president who described La Libertad Avanza as an easily infiltrated organization is ready to land with his own men in the government in case the President needs it.

The vote for the omnibus law entered into crisis when a sector of the UCR, the Civic Coalition, and almost the entire Miguel Pichetto bloc voted against the sections that make the delegation of powers operational. At that moment, and before moving on to the privatization chapter, Santiago Caputo executed Milei’s order to return the project to commission. A legislative and political clumsiness that neither Menem nor Zago managed to avoid since they could have called an interim room to continue negotiating and thus save the Casa Rosada an open defeat in the most important project of the National Executive Branch.

Milei managed to turn against Unión por la Patria but also deputies from the UCR, the Civic Coalition and the League of Governors with whom he decided to break relations. She wasn’t the ghost. of Kirchnerism but almost all of the Chamber of Deputies who contributed votes to empty the delegated powers that had been approved in article 3. Only the PRO of Cristian Ritondo monolithically accompanied Milei in the room. The omnibus law would not be discussed again in Congress and beyond a possible non-binding popular consultation, it is a question how the Casa Rosada will reestablish the link with Congress and with the governors.

A shot in the foot for governability that could not be avoided even with the presence of Francos yesterday in Deputies offering the possibility of sharing the check tax with the provinces or reopening the debate on the retirement formula. The governors and what remains of Together for Change exhibited autonomy and firepower not only against the Casa Rosada but also against Mauricio Macri. The former President’s leadership is in decline. Patricia Bullrich was revealed to him with her unilateral landing in the cabinet, she lost the elections in Boca Jrs. and Javier Milei marginalized him from the armed forces of his government. Now the non-Peronist opposition leaders show that they no longer report to Macri and that he has his own margin of action.

Ezequiel Rudman

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